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Fairy Tail Chapter 364 – Darkness Beckons

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Fairy Tail chapter 364 - Assault by Tartarus

Tartarus makes their move and so to does Fairy Tail

Well well, so such a twist was artfully waiting in the shadows to pounce on our intrigue and push forward a really plot-driven chapter. Darkness sure can be a comforting blanket embracing a person, to be able to have the shadows of problems created by light disappear into nondiscrimination and be completely surrounded in one simple perception, that of darkness, it is no wonder people are allured by such a profound and welcoming touch. As for the reasons this ex-council member joined the darkness of demons, one can only speculate and drive the ball of reason round and round. But what is certain is that from the moment twenty foot soldier type characters jumped into the scene something definitely felt off. A solid excellent chapter nonetheless, loved this part 1 of the “Sin and Sinners” chapters.

Delicious yummy colour pages summarising the events of last chapter and introducing this chapter on top of the additional pages for this chapter was much appreciated, it really does help to get you in the mood for some Fairy Tail =D. The plot quickly shifts into the introduction of the former Magic Council Chairman, Crawford Seam, he is a strangely burly man who revealed himself as being less a Chairman and more an oblivious low ranking council member with an uncanny interest in how his current whereabouts were found.

Fairy Tail chapter 364 - Crawford Seam 1

The former Magic Council Chairman, Crawford Seam

I don’t doubt intense measures to secure the location of Face and the ex-council members connected to it were taken, but it does feel weird that the former Chairman had literally no information to share with the Guild trying to protect his life and save the world from the Demons of Tartarus, suspiciously too weird. Crawford most likely is aware of where Face is located but is probably unaware of who the council members whom sealed Face exactly are, given the fact that Face was such a dangerous existence, drastic and extreme measures of protection would have been taken. I do believe Crawford when he says that the council members who are related to the seal of Face are unaware of their actual importance, that would be one of the most effective ways to guard against the seal being targeted by someone. I would be surprised if he did know of the three council members identities =/. If I am right, then the question now becomes, who are these three council members who are the Mages related to the seal of  Face? It is going to be an intense rush to identify and protect these council members. I am quite confident that Ultear is one of those members, the fact that she naturally has an immense level of magic makes her the perfect candidate for partially holding the seal on Face together.

Fairy Tail chapter 364 - Mirajane and Erza transformed

Ready for battle and ready to kick some serious demon tail

When it was revealed the enemy attacking the former Magic Council Chairman’s house were only 20 foot soldiers of Tartarus, it became incredibly suspicious as to why Tartarus had not sent one or two named members to carry out the attack. I was holding onto the hope that there was a named member somewhere, but the possibility that Crawford was in cahoots with Tartarus did begin to tug at my attention. The fact that such a possibility came about still ended up being shocking even though I was expecting such a twist. I didn’t think two of Fairy Tail’s strongest members, Erza and Mirajane, would end up getting drugged and knocked out by some corrupt council member – them tea cups, what a dangerous brew he prepared =P. Also the way he held Erza and Mirajane at the end, what a sinister and wicked man, and that grin he has on, it definitely does rub you the wrong way, in an intensely bad sort of way.

Fairy Tail chapter 364 - Crawfords darkness

So not cool Crawford, so not cool!

The shining hope piercing through that apprehension and agitation is of course Natsu, who surprisingly figured out the imbalance within the story he was just told by the guild and Michello. I’m glad someone was able to pick up on the fact that Tartarus has been acquiring information at an alarmingly accurate and fast rate, but to think that Natsu would piece that information together before anyone else and unhesitatingly rush off toward Erza and Mirajane (I would hope Kagura after finding out about this information would rush off towards Erza as well), all I can say is that my respect for Natsu has now increased a whole lot more. When the moment and feeling calls for it, Natsu delivers! Hell yeah Natsu, let’s hope you can make it in time and save Erza and Mirajane.

Fairy Tail chapter 364 - Sayla's question

It makes you wonder, what Sayla is waiting for from Elfman

It was sad seeing Elfman’s face so pained and in anguish, he really does love his sister and I wouldn’t doubt him giving his life and soul up if it means saving his precious little sister. If he does agree to sell his soul to Sayla, what exactly will she do? From what I have seen, she seems mostly disgusted at the fact that human beings are such a selfish and hypocritical race. Her character intrigues me, she could have had Elfman snap Lisanna’s neck already but she is waiting, why exactly is she waiting for? What does she want to see? To me it seems like she is sizing up Elfman’s ability to follow through with his intentions and to display to her a twist to a story she was not expecting, one exposing a new side to something she is bored with (i.e. humans). Elfman would willing give his life for Lisanna, I do wonder if this would make the stories humans “write” more exciting for her?

Fairy Tail chapter 364 - Oracion Seis free

Oracion Seis free and back together

So Doranbolt had decided to free Cobra and the rest of the Oración Seis members, what an exciting development. The fact that Cobra went ahead and immobilized Brain illustrated to me that he and the rest of the Oración Seis members are in agreement that they as a guild want to move on from Brain’s former intentions and head towards a new destination. Rather then a villainous sort of approach to existing, they seem to be opting towards a more relaxed sort of lifestyle. Well I would have like to say that but then Jellal, one of my favourite characters of Fairy Tail, shows up. The development got even more exciting when it was revealed Doranbolt had left Oración Seis to Jellal and Meredy. From that smile of Jellal’s, you just know something amazing is going to happen, and honestly my mouth is salivating just theorising about potential developments which could happen given this situation. I personally would love to see a temporary alliance between Crime Sorcière and Oración Seis, the fact that Jellal has some connection to the members of Oración Seis and because he himself was also imprisoned, I feel these two guild have a lot in common and a foundation in which they can work with. A situation would be needed for the Crime Sorcière and Oración Seis alliance to climax and what batter situation than it being revealed that Ultear in one of the three former council members who are part of the seal to Face. A multilateral attack on Tartarus doesn’t sound like such a bad idea; parties consisting of: Crime Sorcière/Oración Seis, Fairy Tail, and the rest of the Mage guilds. When put like that, hope certainly does exist =).

Fairy Tail chapter 364 - Jellal appears

The man surrounded by enigma appears

Immensely looking forward to seeing how the plot will develop and twist in the next part of the “Sins and Sinners” chapters. Also looking forward to the Fairy Tail colour pages next chapter.

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