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Pokémon X [3DS] (Part 3) – Team Flare

Team Flare wallpaper (1440x900) - by baruch97 (http://baruch97.deviantart.com)

The antagonist group of Pokémon X, Team Flare – by baruch97

Up to six gym badges now; Bug, Cliff, Rumble, Plant, Voltage and Fairy badges. The Plant gym was quite straight forward with my main Pokémon being a fire type (Delphox). The Voltage and Fairy type gyms were also quite simple as my Pokémon were 12+ levels higher than the Pokémon I faced at the gym – ah the rewards of fighting 95% of the battles I come across =P. Beyond the Pokémon gym battles, the other main story element being driven currently is Team Flare and their unrevealed goal.

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Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 59 – The Fifth Sin

Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 59 - colour spread

A new Sin to join the band of criminals!

Gowther, the goat’s sin of lust is indeed quite the character. His inability to read the situation and say just the right thing at the wrong time is quite amusing, I am definitely looking forward to seeing how he develops the dynamics between the group now. It also will be interesting to hear what other bits of information he has to share with the readers when he begins reading other people’s thoughts and memories, especially if target of his ability ends up being the mysterious Melodias.

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