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Fairy Tail Chapter 364 – Darkness Beckons

Fairy Tail chapter 364 - Assault by Tartarus

Tartarus makes their move and so to does Fairy Tail

Well well, so such a twist was artfully waiting in the shadows to pounce on our intrigue and push forward a really plot-driven chapter. Darkness sure can be a comforting blanket embracing a person, to be able to have the shadows of problems created by light disappear into nondiscrimination and be completely surrounded in one simple perception, that of darkness, it is no wonder people are allured by such a profound and welcoming touch. As for the reasons this ex-council member joined the darkness of demons, one can only speculate and drive the ball of reason round and round. But what is certain is that from the moment twenty foot soldier type characters jumped into the scene something definitely felt off. A solid excellent chapter nonetheless, loved this part 1 of the “Sin and Sinners” chapters.

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