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Pokémon X [3DS] (Part 4) – Pokémon Amie

Pokemon Amie illustration

Bonding with your Pokémon through the use of the Pokémon Amie feature

Along with progressing through the story of Pokémon X through collecting my gym badges and thwarting Team Flare’s attempts to gather valuable resources in their possession, I have been playing the Pokémon Amie and Super Training features. Effectively Pokémon Amie lets players interact with their Pokémon using the 3DS’ touchscreen and camera, playing with them and giving them treats to strengthen their bonds, ultimately affecting the way the Pokémon acts during battle. I was curious how Pokémon would act during battles, so when I noticed one of my Pokémon with two Pokémon Amie hearts getting excited before a Pokémon battle began, I became even more curious about the Pokémon Amie feature.

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Fairy Tail Anime Returning April 2014

Fairy Tail Anime return annoucement

Look forward to April 2014!!

Finally we get an official announcement for when the Fairy Tail anime is returning – April 2014. I for one cannot wait, I love the Fairy Tail anime and how it compliments the manga so enjoyably. The Fairy Tail anime achieves not only adapting the manga, but furthering and expanding on the enjoyment and love a Fairy Tail fan has for the series. Along with covering the story it takes the character interactions and gags so much further consequently making you love the characters and story more than you had before after reading the manga =D.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 365 – Jellal, The Target Of Tartarus

Fairy Tail chapter 365 - Where is Jellal - colour by EspadaZero (http://espadazero.deviantart.com)

The one man between an era of terror and the hope for a future – colour by EspadaZero

Well that was an epic chapter, fist-pumpingly, excitement-satisfyingly epic. Goodness, I can’t stop smiling. Just when I thought things were looking bad for Fairy Tail, Natsu, like a raging inferno, ignites the skies with his anger and rains molten fury down on Tartarus. An amazingly set-up entrance executed epically by Mashima-sensei, Natsu was such a badass this chapter. More relevantly though, we find out that the last surviving mage related to the seal on Face is Jellal.

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