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Pokémon X [3DS] (Part 4) – Pokémon Amie

Along with progressing through the story of Pokémon X through collecting my gym badges and thwarting Team Flare’s attempts to gather valuable resources in their possession, I have been playing the Pokémon Amie and Super Training features. Effectively Pokémon Amie … Continue reading

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Fairy Tail Anime Returning April 2014

Finally we get an official announcement for when the Fairy Tail anime is returning – April 2014. I for one cannot wait, I love the Fairy Tail anime and how it compliments the manga so enjoyably. The Fairy Tail anime … Continue reading

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Fairy Tail Chapter 365 – Jellal, The Target Of Tartarus

Well that was an epic chapter, fist-pumpingly, excitement-satisfyingly epic. Goodness, I can’t stop smiling. Just when I thought things were looking bad for Fairy Tail, Natsu, like a raging inferno, ignites the skies with his anger and rains molten fury … Continue reading

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