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Edens Zero Chapter 203 - Future Shiki within the 20,000 year future timeline

Edens Zero Chapter 203 – Shiki VS Ziggy: Convergence

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Edens Zero Chapter 203 - Future Shiki within the 20,000 year future timeline

The revelation within this chapter explains many things but it still leaves me confused in certain regards. The form Ziggy takes and the declaration he states conveys a clear narrative but the pathway toward this moment conflicts against its rationale. The Ziggy we knew was very much themed around a mechanical construct with limitations and operations consistent with that of a machine but given the current reveal, it appears human elements were apparent in the directives of Ziggy at least from the point when evil Ziggy revived after the Drakken Joe incident. The biggest question I have though, is why did “Ziggy” travel back to “that” moment? What was so special about that time? Was it lead Shiki down a certain path?

The way I understand things, Ziggy, the real Ziggy was a machine but after not being maintained, his systems failed and he shut down. After Shiki Granbell with Rebecca and stopped Drakken Joe, future Shiki traveled back in time 20,000 years and began to impersonate Ziggy. Because future Shiki has the same history and power as current Shiki, he was able to fool Shiki into believing that Ziggy really did revive and turn evil. In actuality, Ziggy never was evil, he was just “dead”. Still, what confuses me if Ziggy’s fight with Poseidon and Ziggy’s head being knocked off. If future Shiki was behind the mask and his head was knocked off, wouldn’t he be dead? Or was that Ziggy just a mechanical copy of future Shiki? Considering Poseidon had his power stolen, I believe that was the real future Shiki. So the knocked off head? I suppose that could be explained if future Shiki had modifications done to his body to turn him into a cyborg where he could survive if his head were knocked off. The current mechanical eye future Shiki had does suggest this as a possibility.

Edens Zero Chapter 203 - Ziggy reveals himself to be future Shiki

Still what happened to future Shiki to turn him into a force that wishes to erase humanity? When humans were already erased 20,000 years in the future, why the need to go back and erase them? Considering future Shiki was in a future where humans didn’t exist, could he have been reformed by the mind-set of machines? Could future Shiki have come to hate humanity? Was Shiki sent to the past to wipe humans out quicker? Or in the history of human extermination within the 20,000 year future timeline, was Shiki the one who always destroys humanity? Or does Mother only exist within this time? And as for the female that died in the 20,000 year future timeline, that is Rebecca, right? How else would Shiki go to the future, if not through Rebecca’s abilities?

Turning to Deadend Crow, loved how Kleene was incorporated into the counter attack by using her Ether Gear to negate Deadend Crow’s Ether Jammer. It was such a meta moment to have a jammer canceler. And that responsibility by Kleene isn’t a small part because if she were taken out, Jinn, Laguna and Holy would not be able to use their Ether Gears inside Deadend Crow anymore. So while Deadend Crow focuses on trying to kill Kleene, she has to both negate his Ether Jammer AND avoid being taken out by him. Also love how Holy was the one to take out the Deadend Crow construct. Once the team get closer to Deadend Crow’s core, I look forward to see Holy to deliver the finishing blow. The lose she has suffered in the past has gotten the readers invested in her story.

Edens Zero Chapter 203 - Holy disposes of Deadend Crow construct

As for Rebecca and Co. retrieving the mothers, I can’t help but feel the immense tragedy at play there. So many mother’s were separated from their families and brought to this one location to be exploited for what they represented – a force that allows for new life to enter this universe. Even if some of the mother’s may not have been the best (Kurenai), they still created life and that by itself is an act of love. It could just be my personal circumstances of loving my mother so much that creates this deep void of pai and sadness. My mother and I share the same birthday, so whenever I celebrate my birthday, I also celebrate my mother’s. I really did want to Homura and her mother reconcile with each and for Weisz to reunite with his mother. I wanted them to have happy ends. I can’t help but feel sad at these current events within the story but deep within my heart, I am hoping for a miracle. I am hoping Rebecca and her desire to save everyone creates a miracle that can colour this darkness into the warmth of hope and love. And on the topic of Rebecca, if there is one person who can stop future Shiki, it is Rebecca. Future Shiki may understand Shiki but I don’t believe he understands Rebecca, at least not in his current state. Plus Rebecca is continuously learning and attaining information from the futures she returns from. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

Enjoyment level: 8/10

One thought on “Edens Zero Chapter 203 – Shiki VS Ziggy: Convergence

  1. Yeah, we need much more info to have this whole Shiki-Ziggy thingy making sense. I don’t think that Ziggy who raised our Shiki was a machine, but just how two versions of the same Shiki can exist in the same universe is a huge question. Though I suppose mixing up Cat Leaper and Satan Gravity together may change the way a natural leaping would work.

    I can see why the mother’s situation affects you so much personally (the birthday coincidence is great!). It’s truly a saddening aspect and I can’t help but feel bad for it, too. I doubt Rebecca can work a miracle on such a scale, but it should be interesting to see how the crew can grow from this.

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