[Theory] One Piece – There’s Something About Monet (Nakama Theory)

One Piece - Monet - by teebohne

Monet the Harpy – art by teebohne

I really can’t help myself in pushing forward this theory as I have quite the obsession with Monet’s character. Although I will make an effort to be as objective as I possibly can, there will be a certain degree of bias driving me during my interpretation of the scenes which I will be using to support my theory surrounding Monet regarding her potential as a Straw Hat nakama candidate due to my obsession. Be it my delusion, hope, insanity, ego or something even more intangible, there is some incomprehensibly mysterious force compelling me to follow through with this desire.

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One Piece Chapter 929 – Lord Kurozumi Orochi

One Piece chapter 929 - colour spread

Does having Nami and Robin as the central focus mean anything? Could they finally get some quality coverage in battle during this arc?

Orochi looks different than what I expected but given his meeting with CP0 and the way he forced them into a corner with the threat of Kaido, he isn’t afraid of making the World Government his enemy well as long as he has someone strong backing him. It has become obvious that Orochi is currently enjoying the benefits of having allied with the World Strongest Creature rather than being the one who the Marines and World Government fear. If that element of fear is taken away, where would Orochi hide? I’m sure Orochi is somewhat capable but the one pulling most of the weight and striking terror in any rebellion and opposition is Kaido and the Beast Pirates.

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One Piece Chapter 928 – Komurasaki

One Piece chapter 928 - Komurasaki

How sinister but I feel there is a purpose behind her apparent darkness

For a whole chapter to be dedicated to Komurasaki’s introduction not to mention the previous chapter serving the purpose of building up her introduction, there is no doubt that Komurasaki’s character is a significant element within the story of Wano Kuni. We have yet to learn the extent of her relevance but she has been positioned in a very specific point in the story where her actions could open the door for the downfall of Orochi. The timing of her meeting with Orochi is very curious given that 20 years ago, Lady Toki spoke about a time that refers to the present where Orochi will come to know the “radiance” of the “dawn”. In order to see that prophecy fulfilled, Komurasaki could have decided to meet Orochi. If that is the case, it may very well be that Komurasaki is none other than Kozuki Hiyori.

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One Piece Chapter 927 – Stirrings Within Wano Kuni

One Piece chapter 927 - Straw Hat Pirates eating Soba

They have that much faith in Luffy that they don’t see any reason to panic

Orochi’s silhouette leaves a lot to the imagination with the multiple headed snake teased. Can Orochi really transform into a hydra-sort of beast or was that panel a play on our expectations with Oda-sensei subverting what we actually find ourselves being led to believe. It would be amusing if the silhouette was in fact the outline of a tree or just Orochi’s pet. It seems to obvious to introduce Orochi in such a fashion without underlining the readers first impression on such major arc character. Oda-sensei never conforms to standard and is generally aware of what the readers would be expecting when reading his manga. He utilises that expectation to misdirect the readers opening us up to twist many do not see coming. Could this be one of them? I really do wonder.

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One Piece Chapter 926 – Hope Within Prison

One Piece 926 - Luffy and Kid

Besides Caribou, I wonder who else Kaidou has captive

It has started, the spark of rebellion has been lit burning away at the fuse towards the downfall of Kaidou. The prisoners and ones betrayed by their nation will form the fibers necessary to carry the flame of change toward the moment capable of breaking the hold of Kaidou and Orochi perverting the reality within the nation. Orochi, Kaidou and the rest of the Beast Pirates aren’t loved across the nation. Many most likely comply due to fear. Once a path more appealing appears, people will naturally turn on Orochi and Kaidou towards the path more beneficial to themselves. For now, Wano Kuni’s options are limited but time and overconfidence are Kaidou’s biggest enemies.

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One Piece Chapter 925 – The Reintroduction Of The Blackbeard Pirates

One Piece chapter 925 - Blackbeard

I am very curious to see how much Haki Blackbeard knows…

I cannot believe it, has Absalom been killed off in the background? Direct confirmation hasn’t been given but Shiryu’s display of using the Clear Clear Fruit certainly does seemingly confirm that Absalom has been killed in order to free up his Devil Fruit for use by the Blackbeard Pirates. Unless a method exist that allows a Devil Fruit user to have their power stolen/mimicked, the only other reason that would explain Shiryu having the fruit power is Absalom being dead. Would Oda-sensei really do that off-screen without much build up? Why didn’t he have any of the Blackbeard Pirates confirm Absalom’s death? I am completely surprised and questioning whether Oda-sensei has decided to adjust the way he handles present time character deaths within the story.

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One Piece Chapter 924 – Captive

Once Luffy gets some meat…just you wait Beast Pirates…

Well that is one way to bring Kid into the focus, by having Luffy being captured by Kaido as well. I expected Law to save Luffy but it turns out that Hawkins predicated such an outcome and acted to minimize Law’s capabilities. Kaido does not know it yet but by bringing Luffy and Kid together, he may have effectively paved the path towards his own downfall.

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One Piece Chapter 923 – Luffy VS Kaido

One Piece chapter 923 - Luffy VS Kaido 1

I don’t know how Kaido feels but that sure does look painful

I expected this result but for Luffy to be instantly KO’d in Gear Fourth with one hit by Kaido, I didn’t anticipate such a decisive and overwhelming end to their first bout. It was glorious seeing Luffy unleash on Kaido and force Kaido back to his human form but the way Kaido finished the fight conflicts with everything that occurred just before. Why did Kaido not unleash earlier?

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