[Theory] One Piece – There’s Something About Monet (Nakama Theory)

One Piece - Monet - by teebohne

Monet the Harpy – art by teebohne

I really can’t help myself in pushing forward this theory as I have quite the obsession with Monet’s character. Although I will make an effort to be as objective as I possibly can, there will be a certain degree of bias driving me during my interpretation of the scenes which I will be using to support my theory surrounding Monet regarding her potential as a Straw Hat nakama candidate due to my obsession. Be it my delusion, hope, insanity, ego or something even more intangible, there is some incomprehensibly mysterious force compelling me to follow through with this desire.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 517 – Irene’s Madness And Wendy’s Pride

Fairy Tail chapter 517 - Wendy overwhelms Irene

Within that tiny body an immense spirit resides

Despite the gap in magical abilities, Wendy manages to push beyond her limits and reach a state allowing her to utilise Enchantment Magic matching Irene’s level. Even with Irene’s twisted desire to remain within Wendy and start anew, Wendy’s desire to return to the body holding her memories, in the form of her scars, of the times she shared with those precious to her overwhelmed Irene. Now once again, mother and daughter face off against each other.

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One Piece Chapter 852 – Vinsmoke Reiju

One Piece chapter 852 - Sanji's strength

Reiju really is her mother’s daughter

After hinting at Reiju’s true character throughout the Totto Land Arc, Oda-sensei finally confirms the good inside her and proves that like Sanji, she is the exception to the ‘Vinsmoke way’. Regardless of what Reiju has done in the past, she deserves a second chance. She is aware of her sins, of the weight her choices hold, and of the consequences her actions bring. Reiju understands the pain she has caused and the fate that awaits her. She believes judgement will eventually smash down on her crimes crushing her very life along with those sins. She seeks redemption and believes death can only provide that for her. Even if they were few, Reiju does not realise the good she has done. And for what it is worth, Reiju has become a Ray of Light to Sanji and I hope she comes to realise that.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 516 – Irene’s Despair

Fairy Tail chapter 516 - Irene's despair

Surely, there must be a way to reclaim ones humanity once transformed…surely…

The fate of the Dragon Slayers leads to an end scorched in chaos and lamented by torment as the doomed plays spectator to their vanishing humanity powerless to prevent. With the essence of the Dragons coursing through them, the overwhelming Dragon presence within each Dragon Slayer eventually consumes them transforming the bearer into a Dragon with their human sides lost within the maelstrom of rage. The only way past that fate is to silence the Dragon essence within through the use of a power even more overwhelming – with the essence of a Dragon seeking to protect them from being consumed. Continue reading

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[Analysis] One Piece – When Will Big Mom Be Defeated?

One Piece chapter 851 - Big Mom

The inevitable battle between Luffy and Big Mom nears closer and closer

Big Mom and the other Yonko were foreshadowed years ago but it was only until the Fishman Island Arc that she began to become relevant when it was revealed that Charlotte Linlin is the one “protecting” Fishman Island. By the end of the Fishman Island Arc, Big Mom became an immediate threat with Luffy challenging Big Mom and declaring his intention to defeat her and take Fishman Island from her.  It took around 5 years since her relevance to Fishman Island was revealed for the story to shift focus onto the Big Mom Pirates and Big Mom. With the story finally in an Arc centered around the Big Mom Pirates, will we see the defeat of a Yonko before the end of it? Or will Big Mom continue to remain relevant as a major antagonist after the conclusion of the Totto Land Arc?

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[Analysis] One Piece – The Objectives On Wholecake Island

One Piece chapter 822 - Luffy and Co. depart for Wholecake Island

Luffy helps the group set off their new adventure

The Straw Hat Pirates haven’t long since left Fishman Island to enter the New World, but within the short time they have been in the New World they have caused a tumultuous stir within the Sea, especially among some of the major powers within the New World. Big Mom being one of them. With Big Mom forcing Sanji into an impossible situation, the Straw Hat Pirates have entered her territory to take him back. Among that objective though, several other missions have revealed themselves as needing to be accomplished before they leave. They include:

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Fairy Tail – Irene Belserion, A Mother’s Sacrifice

Irene Belserion - colour by Silestiya18 (http://silestiya18.deviantart.com)

Just you wait Irene, your daughter will save you – colour by Silestiya18

There are certain developments within Fairy Tail that I believe so strongly will happen that I can’t help but theorize about and structure my very perception around. Developments that arrest my thoughts and beckon my heart deeply and intensely. Among them is Irene Belserion being saved from her centuries long suffering and pain. For Irene to get the opportunity to feel human again and to experience what it is like to be a mother. I believe wholeheartedly in this.

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Boku No Hero Academia (Manga)

Boku no Hero Academia chapter 76 - colour spread

The path to grow isn’t one decorated in fortune and luck, it is one supported by the struggles, pains, and lessons endured

What is a hero? What do they embody? What do they signify? As cliché as it sounds, as childish as it sounds, as absurd as it sounds, there is something so deeply empowering about that word. Understanding your goal and having a path which you are centered on. Striving forward with full knowledge of who you are. Unconcerned about the fear of uncertainty and trying. Recognising where you stand and the person who you aspire to be. Continuously. With clarity. The word “hero” resonates with it a freedom and expressiveness we all wish to experience. Boku no Hero Academia delves into that concept and through its character and the story unfolding around them, we as readers find ourselves inspired and compelled by their pursuit towards becoming heroes.

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