[Theory] One Piece – There’s Something About Monet (Nakama Theory)

One Piece - Monet - by teebohne

Monet the Harpy – art by teebohne

I really can’t help myself in pushing forward this theory as I have quite the obsession with Monet’s character. Although I will make an effort to be as objective as I possibly can, there will be a certain degree of bias driving me during my interpretation of the scenes which I will be using to support my theory surrounding Monet regarding her potential as a Straw Hat nakama candidate due to my obsession. Be it my delusion, hope, insanity, ego or something even more intangible, there is some incomprehensibly mysterious force compelling me to follow through with this desire.

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Fairy Tail (Manga) – The Fairy Within Our Hearts

Fairy Tail chapter 545 - color spread of Fairy Tail guild

Fairy Tail may not delve into themes as deep as identity and existentialism or analysis the philosophy of freedom and responsibility against the constructs of religion and society and it may not challenge the darker themes it does begin to voyage into but what Fairy Tail does have is heart, and a lot of it. It’s emotionally powerful scenes drive the story, the character development and the characters themselves. The encouraging touch of its embrace resonances deep within the reader inspiring connections with the characters alive in its story and struggling through its world to be formed. And central to that evocation is the heart of the story; the guild Fairy Tail.

The heart is a miraculous existence that allows us to connect to others, to share our emotions with them and to have emotions shared with us. And yet, along with the joy it is able to conjure, the shadows of its rhythm also awakens a darker beat of love. A realm of negativity in which the echoes of optimism and bonds of relation can be submerged and lost within. Such concepts are the navigating expressions embodying the adventures and journeys within Fairy Tail. Characters lose themselves within their pain, torment and heart yet through their shared connection with others, they are able to accept the debilitating thoughts within their mind and embrace the warmth of their imperfections.

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One Piece Chapter 989 – The Straw Hat Pirates Assemble

One Piece chapter 989 - The Straw Hat Pirates gather

Betraying every underestimation cast upon them by the rulers of the sea, the Straw Hat Pirates break through the arrogance of the Yonko and stamp their existence deeply within the Yonko’s rage. With the ripples of their presence ignored until impossible, chaos has taken over and erupted because of them. Right now, with the identity of the age on the brink, they have gathered. The Straw Hat Pirates have finally assembled. All ten current members. And Luffy has his sight set firmly on Kaido with the intention of sending him flying. The Beast Pirates who impede his path become the targets of the Straw Hat Pirates. War has begun. And the challengers have made their move.

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[Theory] One Piece – Kaido: Prisoner Of Punk Hazard

One Piece chapter 921 - Kaido's Dragon form

From the very start of Kaido’s introduction, we have known that he has been defeated as a pirate seven times, been captured by the Navy or his enemies around 18 times and has lived as a prisoner before. Kaido was tortured over a thousand times and was sentenced to death forty times and yet nothing done to him was able to kill him. From that introduction, we can surmise that Kaido was in his enemies hand’s for a significant amount of time. What we have yet to have revealed beyond why Kaido is so “unkillable” is where and when exactly he was held as a prisoner and by whom. When looking at what has been featured so far across the story since Kaido’s arrival onto the pages, I find myself compelled to believe that at one point in Kaido past, over 33 years ago, he was held as a prisoner on Punk Hazard and experimented on.

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[Theory] One Piece – Yamato And The Nitoryu Style

One Piece chapter 970 - Oden cuts Kaido

With Yamato resolving to become Kozuki Oden, could she become a Nitoryu user? Yamato has already donned a style similar to Oden’s in terms of her outfit and if she had two blades, I believe she would also wield them. Just like Oden, Yamato wouldn’t need to follow a set Nitoryu style and could develop her own. Yamato has already shown she has experience with her Kanabō and if she were to attain two blades, she could incorporate her existing fighting style through the swords to develop her own variation of Nitoryu, just like Oden.

Once Yamato and Momonosuke befriend each other, I wonder if Momonosuke will eventually bestow onto Yamato, the Ame no Habakiri. At this point in time, Momonosuke does not believe he is ready to wield it and given their current conflict with the Beast Pirates and Big Mom, Momonosuke may end up offering the blade that once belonged to his father, Oden, to Yamato as a weapon to wield against Kaido and Orochi.

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[Timeline] One Piece – Monet

One Piece chapter 687 - Monet VS Tashigi & Zoro

Given this being the day of Monet, I thought it would be fun and insightful to create a timeline for Monet’s story based on what we know so far. While Monet featured primarily only in the Punk Hazard Arc, he role in certain events were critical for her crew. There are also periods of unknown within Monet’s past that would be interesting to have explored, especially with her taking on the role of an undercover agent once she joined the Donquixote Pirates. Besides Dressrosa and Punk Hazard, did Doflamingo have her infiltrate other factions for him?

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One Piece Chapter 988 – Straw Hat Pirates VS Big Mom

One Piece chapter 988 - Franky rides over Big Mom and Brook slashes Zeus

As the full moon envelops the night sky with its radiant embrace amidst the flakes of snow blanketing the land, the winds of freedom echo across the halls of destruction unhindered by the chaos erupting before it. The Soul King and the Freedom Rider have arrived! And beneath their platform of announcement lies the concussed Big Mom interrupted partway through her act of annihilating the target of her ire. Now injured on top of being enraged, will the Straw Hats have to engage to prevent further devastation? Or will disorientation take hold of Big Mom and dissipate her memories once again?

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[Timeline] One Piece – Ace’s Adventure

One Piece chapter 300 - Ace's adventure

Ace has become an extremely relevant character to the story of One Piece even with his death. It could be said that because of his death, Ace’s role in the story has transformed into an even more prominent one. Ace inspired both Luffy and Sabo and has become the driving force for both their adventures in the New World. Additionally, with the current events in Wano Kuni (as at chapter 987), Ace’s journey there 3-4 years ago is holding importance to the characters featured and the developments unraveling now.

Ace desired to help Tama and Wano Kuni when he was last there but presumably aware of his current strength at that time and his inability to take on Kaido, he departed Wano Kuni ensuring Tama that when he returns, Wano Kuni will be a country where she can eat all she wants. With that will unfulfilled, it now falls onto Luffy who has promised Tama that by the time the Straw Hat Pirates leave Wano Kuni, it will be a place she can eat as much as she wants, every single day. Considering how Ace’s adventure holds such an impact on the current events, it makes me wonder what exactly was Ace’s adventure like when he set sail 5 years ago?

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[Theory] One Piece – Yamato And The Pheasant

One Piece - Is Yamato the Pheasant of the Wano Kuni Arc?

The story of Wano Kuni is largely inspired by the Japanese folklore Momotarō. Within the story, Momotarō is born from a peach which an old couple find floating down a river. The couple named the child Momotarō (Momo being Peach). When the child matured, he left his parents to fight a band of Oni who marauded over the land. The Oni resided in the distant Island, Onigashima. Along the way, Momotarō met and befriended a talking dog, monkey and pheasant, who agreed to help him with his quest in exchange for a portion of his rations – kibi dango. When the group reached Onigashima, they penetrated the demons’ fort and defeated the band of demons. Momotarō and his friends returned home with the demons’ stolen treasure and the demon chief as captive.

While the Wano Kuni story is not stroke for stroke with the Momotarō folklore, Oda-sensei takes deep inspiration from major elements within the story. Momotarō is represented through Momonosuke. The Oni are represented by the Beast Pirates with the Oni chief being Kaido. Onigashima Island is the home base of Kaido. The plundered treasure is the home country of Momonosuke and his people’s freedom. Along the journey to Onigashima, Momonosuke befriends Luffy (who represents the Monkey) and Inuarashi (who represents the talking dog) and requests their aid in his quest to liberate Wano Kuni from Kaido and Orochi. Luffy answers Momonosuke’s request with a promise that he will defeat Kaido. Inuarashi protects Momonosuke and brings him to Wano Kuni. As at chapter 987, the Pheasant has yet to be revealed.

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Kaiju No. 8 (Manga)

Kaiju No.8 chapter 2 - Kafka's dream

In a world tormented by destructive Kaiju; terror, ruin and the fear of death permeate the fibers of reality. Against such infernal beasts, humanity has consolidated their hope in a heroic few who act to defend the world from such a hopeless state of actuality. But beyond the focus of the world, there exist an uncelebrated role overlooked by the society that relies of their efforts in order to function after the devastation left by a Kaiju incident. Whether it is procuring parts for research purposes, surveying the scene to prevent further damage, or clearing up the aftermath so that society can return, what is critical after the “heroes” arrive to defeat a Kaiju is precisely, cleanly, efficiently and within a specified deadline dismantling the corpse of the Kaiju. The very structure, process, and danger present in the task is one invisible to the world. But fortunately for the readers looking into such a horrific and despairing setting, hope has been born in the form of a passionate Kaiju dismantler who seeks to expand his skill-set by becoming a defender of the people. Unfortunately the road to dreams is paved by forest of uncertainty and rivers of detours. Our hero finds himself caught in a scenario against the very direction he wishes to travel but when the future remains unknown, the freedom to choose exist all the while stumbling towards the end.

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One Piece Chapter 987 – All Out War

One Piece chapter 987 - The Akazaya Nine face off against Kaido with the Full Moon present

The raid has begun. The assault on Kaido and his forces has been signaled by the actions of the Akazaya Nine as they overwhelm Kaido and force him to the ground of Onigashima. Within the shock running through Kaido’s body at the presence of shadows manifesting themselves in front of him after twenty years, memories of Oden reverberate through his mind uncovering a feeling he had thought buried. Across the distance of twenty years, the scar left by Oden on Kaido begins to pulsate in response to the injuries suffered from the Akazaya Nine as they drive their wills through the man responsible for their Lord’s death and the suffering of the land they swore to protect. Kaido acknowledges the actions of the Akazaya Nine and in reply to Luffy’s declaration of war against the forces of Kaido, Big Mom and Orochi, he accepts Luffy’s challenge. An all out war has begun.

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