[Theory] One Piece – There’s Something About Monet (Nakama Theory)

One Piece - Monet - by teebohne

Monet the Harpy – art by teebohne

I really can’t help myself in pushing forward this theory as I have quite the obsession with Monet’s character. Although I will make an effort to be as objective as I possibly can, there will be a certain degree of bias driving me during my interpretation of the scenes which I will be using to support my theory surrounding Monet regarding her potential as a Straw Hat nakama candidate due to my obsession. Be it my delusion, hope, insanity, ego or something even more intangible, there is some incomprehensibly mysterious force compelling me to follow through with this desire.

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One Piece Chapter 843 – Sanji And Luffy

One Piece chapter 843 - Luffy arrives to get Sanji back

If only the situation weren’t so complicated

The Vinsmoke Family truly has Sanji backed into a corner that he had no choice but to reject Luffy and lie about his feelings for the Straw Hat Pirates. In order to protect all those that he cherishes and cares about, he has to play the villain in this instance and reluctantly chase away his comrades who have invaded the heart of a Yonko’s territory to get him back. Obviously Luffy is not backing down…yet, this ultimately forces Sanji to challenge Luffy in order to physically ‘remove’ them. With Sanji ready to battle Luffy, one has to wonder whether Luffy is ready to do the same.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 506 – A Guild Is A Family

Fairy Tail Chapter 506 - Erza intervenes

In order to carry on Makarov’s final wish, this battle has to be stopped

Completely oblivious to the events taking place, Natsu and Gray continue their misguided feud. While there is a ‘reason’ for the two of them to oppose each other, there is an overwhelming counter argument for why the two shouldn’t have even entertained the thought of fighting each other at this point in time i.e. there is war ongoing with Fairy Tail at the center. Fortunately, their imprudent battle has been interrupted and through this intervention, they will be reminded of the meaning of Fairy Tail.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 505 – Sacrifice

Fairy Tail chapter 505 - Makarov cast Fairy Law

His final act as Guild Master of Fairy Tail…

A man driven by his love, a leader motivated by his responsibility and a father inspired by his family; Makarov, the Guild Master of Fairy Tail, makes the ultimate sacrifice in order to ensure a future for his ‘family’, one that allows for everyone save himself to survive. Aware of the pain awaiting his children, Makarov bears the burden for them and uses his own life to pave a path forward into tomorrow against the countless soldiers enchanted into ravaging berserkers. Through Fairy Law Makarov nullifies their evil but pays for it with the remainder of his life.

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One Piece Chapter 842 – Tankman VS Cracker

One Piece chapter 842 - Gear Fourth Tankman

 Well that is awesome!

What a fantastic chapter, both refreshing and hilarious. I know Luffy was the focus of the chapter as he defeated Cracker but the focus Nami got to both agonise and expose Cracker’s weakness was brilliant. Cracker definitely did underestimate the Straw Hats but there was no way he could have expected the situation to turn out as it had, to be defeated in such a way, how ridiculously awesome.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 504 – Gray VS E.N.D.

Fairy Tail Chapter 504 - Gray VS Natsu

The inevitable battle begins

The unavoidable battle between Natsu and Gray has finally begun and the void now existing between the two has compelled each of them to bear their fist against the other. Friends, now turned into obstacles that the other needs to stop. Natsu driven by his demon nature to seek out Zeref and destroy him and Gray, resolved to dispose of Zeref’s demons as vengeance against what they had done to his parents and Ur. With each of them suffering from a severe case of tunnel vision, it looks like outside influence is needed in bringing them both back to their senses.

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One Piece Chapter 841 – The Vinsmoke Name

One Piece chapter 841 - Vinsome Judge 1

Seriously Judge? Talk about taking your name too hardcore

Just when I thought Vinsmoke Judge couldn’t be more of a fiend, he goes ahead and proves me wrong. I look forward to the day that smirk of his disappears in the moment he finds everything he fought, killed and destroyed for crumbles in front of him. The marriage between Sanji and Pudding is not going to happen and it is going to be so sweet seeing Judge come to terms with that realisation. For Judge to be so consumed by power, strength and status, he may be effective in wars, but he was a terrible father. The Vinsmoke name to Judge is a name to be feared, to strike terror in the hearts of any unfortunate to hear it uttered and a name he desires one day to be synonymous with the leaders of North Blue.

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Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive (2016) Review

Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive Poster

A fantastical new adventure begins!

Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive continues the grand work from Square Enix and sets itself up as a notable addition to the Final Fantasy line, in particular one which portrays a gripping story filled with bold and well fleshed out characters surrounded by events of tragedy, hope and epicness.

As a Final Fantasy fan it is hard not to get excited about FFXV, I for one will be casting myself into the world of Eos looking to experience the journey awaiting me within as we learn more about Niflheim, Lucis, the war, the demons, the crystals, the magic, the characters and the adventure.

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