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Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive (2016) Review

Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive continues the grand work from Square Enix and sets itself up as a notable addition to the Final Fantasy line, in particular one which portrays a gripping story filled with bold and well fleshed out characters … Continue reading

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Pokémon X [3DS] (Part 1) – A New Adventure Begins

It’s been ages since I played a Pokémon game, over twelve years now since I last played it – Pokémon Blue and a bit of Pokémon Yellow. While I wasn’t able to max out my Blastoise’s level in Pokémon Blue, I was still able … Continue reading

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Guild Wars 2 – Southsun Survival

One my of favourite mini-games in Guild Wars 2 at the moment. It’s based on the novels The Hunger Games and Battle Royale. It’s amazingly fun that adds a refreshing experience to the usual RPG feel of the game.

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FFXIV: A Realm Reborn – Back Into Eorzea

Refreshing and engrossing, with the element of fun beckoning you into its world filled with creativity and wonder, FFXIV feels like a whole different game this time around. I made a post about the problems with version 1.0 of FFXIV … Continue reading

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Guild Wars 2 – Across The World Of Tyria

I bought Guild Wars 2 over two weeks ago and have been playing a human Warrior and while Guild Wars 2 had been initial confusing, its gotten seriously addicting this past week. I never played Guild Wars 1 before and … Continue reading

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Catherine (PS3)

In a world without limit, in a world without reality, in a world called a dream, you wake up to a reflection of everything encompassing all that is you. You find yourself, remember yourself, change yourself, just so you can … Continue reading

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Diablo III – My Dance With Diablo (Inferno)

Out of the ashes and shadows left behind by the trail of destruction and terror caused by the Lord of Terror himself, who has now assumed the role of the Prime Evil, the evil composed of all the evils of … Continue reading

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