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[Theory] One Piece – Yamato’s Devil Fruit

Edit: Chapter 1020 reveals that Yamato has the Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Okuchi no Makami. The below theories while wrong in there deductions were fun entertaining.

It has been hinted at in chapter 996 that Yamato has a different form they can transform into. Whether the transformation results from a Devil Fruit or through Yamato’s blood, at this point in time that is unclear. Yet, if we were to entertain the possibility that Yamato has a Devil Fruit, what potentially could it be? Having looked at the structure of the Wano Kuni Arc, Yamato’s role and potential relevance beyond Wano, I have been circling around the idea that Yamato has the Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Nue.

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Fanart Dimension – Samus Aran

Drawing - Samus Aran - by Syphin

The galaxy’s greatest bounty hunter and one of gaming’s sexiest heroines, Samus Aran

This piece was requested by one of my guildmates (here), he wanted Samus Aran (Metroid) in her zero suit with her special gun in a sexy pose, not sure how I nailed the sexy down but regardless, Samus Aran is by default amazingly sexy and this drawing was really fun to create.

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12Dimension Turns One

Drawing-12Dimension-1Year-v1.1 - by Syphin

Time sure flies, one year already =)

Yip that’s right, it’s already been a year since I started this blog and I can’t believe that much time has passed by already, well that is time for you, continually moving forward independent of anything else. I should have really posted this yesterday because that is when 12Dimension turned one, but I was preoccupied =(.

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Fanart Dimension – Katana-wielding badass from The Walking Dead (TV)

Drawing-M-v1.3 - by Syphin

Oh yeah! Finally!

Oh goodness, I just had to. That 10 second scene in the season two finale of The Walking Dead (TV series) was so amazingly awesome. I have been hoping so much for such a character and I thought that it would continue remaining a fantasy, but such a character actually appeared! Ah it’s surreal.

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