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One Piece – Dressrosa Players

One Piece - Dressrosa Players v3.1

How the Dressrosa Arc looks when you summarise the characters involved

With so many characters becoming relevant this arc on top of all the quality developments I needed something visual to help myself understand this arc more intimately. It took me a while, but this is a summarised version of the players in this Dressrosa Arc at the moment.

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Ender’s Game (Movie)

Ender's Game - Poster

When the fate of the world rest on these young shoulders…

Ender’s Game tells the story of an alien hive-like species called Formics, the assumed threat they pose to Earth, and humanities attempts to train a youth with the tactical fortitude necessary to crush them. Ender is one of these youths and his journey through the training programs and battle simulations become the focus of the movie. More than the story of Ender’s Game, the real star of the movie is Ender’s story and the struggles he faces continuously throughout the movie.

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