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Dragons Rioting (Manga)

Dragons Rioting chapter 1 - Rintaro and the three Dragons

The “war” between “Dragons” ongoing within Nangokuren High School

Dragons Rioting (by Watanabe Tsuyoshi) is a story about a boy and an unusual disease he was born with. The disease triggers a violent reaction within his body whenever he is sexually aroused. In those moments all of his blood gathers at one point effectively straining his heart to dangerous levels. The disease, otherwise known as the ‘Hentai Syndrome’, has no cure and in fear of the boy dying at a young age, his father takes him into the mountains to begin training to help him deal with the hurdles he will face. One way or another, after the boy finishes his father’s training he mistakenly enrolls into a highly girl-populated high school, Nangokuren High School. The boy’s life-threatening daily life begins and on top of dealing with the usual school challenges, the boy ends up in the middle of a war between three factions (led by individuals known as “Dragons”) vying for power within the school.

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