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One Piece Chapter 733 – “Become Strong”

One Piece chapter 733 - Soldier-san and Rebecca

The necessary suffering he had to put his daughter through…Become strong, Rebecca

The relationship between Soldier-san and Rebecca really is incredible, even if Rebecca doesn’t know that Soldier-san is her father yet, the love she holds for him feels like it extends way beyond the times they shared as if her subconscious is instinctively aware of their connection. Soldier-san ready to sacrifice his life for his daughter’s future and Rebecca ready to put her life on the life to protect Soldier-san. I cannot wait for the moment in which the two are able to reunite as father and daughter.

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Naruto Chapter 660 – Heart and Acceptance

Naruto chapter 660 - The concealed heart

The concealed heart of others…

The hand that gives and the hand that receives, “heart” and “acceptance”, what an amazing chapter filled with symbolic meaning and themes. Excellent chapter for Naruto to end 2013 on.

I was not expecting the Shukaku and Gaara to be further fleshed out, so seeing them still develop in such a significant way, I was surprised and excited. That Suna Priest, who exactly is he and why do I get the feeling that he is connected to the Rikudou Sennin in a big way? His wisdom, those tears, and the inscriptions on his hand written by his master, the mystery surrounding his character makes me want to believe that he was Senju shinobi and knew Hagoromo Outsutsuki in some way. Having the story of the Suna Priest also link back to Gaara was amazing, I didn’t expect Gaara to continue being a relevant character this fight with Madara being so powerful, but a new door has opened in the story of the Jinchuuriki with the revelation of this Suna Priest.

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Bleach Chapter 563 – The S.T.A.R. Package

Bleach chapter 563 - Abarai Renji and New Zabimaru - colour by aConst (http://aconst.deviantart.com)

Abarai Renji and the new Zabimaru – colour by aConst

Of course Mask De Masculine wasn’t dead, of course he still had his “ultimate form” hidden up his sleeve, of course there was no way an annoying character like him would submit to the readers desire of wanting him gone. Instead he reveals his true power and gives us ‘The S.T.A.R. Package‘, otherwise known as “the Seriously Traumatizing Artistic Remodeling package‘. I honestly did want to like Superstar’s ability because it is interesting, but that character design (that obsession with stars) and his attitude (that obsession with stars…) really drain any interest I have in his abilities. I just want the fight to be over with so we can move on to something more interesting, relevant and less reprehensible.

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