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One Piece Chapter 733 – “Become Strong”

The relationship between Soldier-san and Rebecca really is incredible, even if Rebecca doesn’t know that Soldier-san is her father yet, the love she holds for him feels like it extends way beyond the times they shared as if her subconscious … Continue reading

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Naruto Chapter 660 – Heart and Acceptance

The hand that gives and the hand that receives, “heart” and “acceptance”, what an amazing chapter filled with symbolic meaning and themes. Excellent chapter for Naruto to end 2013 on. I was not expecting the Shukaku and Gaara to be … Continue reading

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Bleach Chapter 563 – The S.T.A.R. Package

Of course Mask De Masculine wasn’t dead, of course he still had his “ultimate form” hidden up his sleeve, of course there was no way an annoying character like him would submit to the readers desire of wanting him gone. … Continue reading

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