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Aiki-S (Manga)

The sequel to the manga Aiki in which the genius martial artist, Kunitoshi Joukyuu, pursues ways in appeasing both his interest in having fun and restoring his body to its former peak condition before his father sealed his powers through … Continue reading

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Aiki (Manga)

Aiki tells the story of a certain martial artist, whom at the age of 16 was renowned as one of the worlds greatest martial artist, but his father, a legendary physician, feeling this talent was making his road too easy, … Continue reading

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Pokémon X [3DS] (Part 5) – Xerneas The Eternal

I finally came across this Legendary Pokémon as I worked to stopped Team Flare from accomplishing their questionable goals. I was tempted to use my only Master Ball I had, but I opted against that thought and instead drained Xerneas … Continue reading

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Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 53 – Kurokiba Ryou

So his name is Kurokiba Ryou, what an exciting introduction to the type of cooking he stylizes in. I have to admit, Ryou is quite the badass character, he has an awesome character design and his personality shift when he … Continue reading

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