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One Piece Chapter 730 – Converging Point

 One Piece chapter 730 - Doflamingo and Admiral Isshou

A temporary alliance between the two but a word of warning from Admiral Isshou

No words can describe how incredibly amazing and beautiful this chapter was but I will try. The sheer chaos, excitement and unexpectedness unleashed this chapter was way beyond anything we have experienced thus far in One Piece. Zoro’s bout with Admiral Isshou, Kinemon’s encounter with Doflamingo while trying to retrieve Law but failing, Luffy’s inability to get out of the Colosseum to help, Nami’s realisation of what Doflamingo is after and what Law is giving his life to protect, the cover of the Strawhats blown, the appearance of Big Mom looking to crush the Thousand Sunny and secure Caesar, and everyone’s collective goal of heading to the palace to crush Doflamingo. This chapter was packed with so much intensity and awesomeness, that if tears of euphoria didn’t escape your eyes, your mind would at least be blown.

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Naruto 656-657 – Back From The Dead

Naruto chapter 656 - Uchiha Madara - colour by StingCunha (http://stingcunha.deviantart.com)

Well of course he had a plan, he is Uchiha Madara – colour by StingCunha

Well I’m feeling incredibly uneasy and uncomfortable now…I feel so trolled even though I was expecting to be massively trolled by Madara. Ah I really hope this Madara battle doesn’t span as long as the Obito one because that did take a while and effectively what Madara is trying to achieve is the same thing as what Obito tried to achieve – to become the Rikudou Sennin. We all know Madara is going to be kicked to the curb, so let’s hope Kishimoto-sensei speeds things up and skips over the Madara trolling the Bijuu to the part where Sasuke and Naruto wipes the floor with Madara.

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Bleach Chapter 559-560 – The Balanced Imbalance

Bleach chapter 560 - Rukia and Renji - colour by TrafaIgarLaw (http://trafaigarlaw.deviantart.com)

Rukia and Renji – colour by TrafaIgarLaw

I find it ridiculously hilarious how the Sternritter, who are made up of Quincy, are talking about balance so boldly and poetically. If they forgot, aren’t they themselves the representatives of imbalancing that balance they talk about so resourcefully? They raided Hueco Mundo and slaughtered who knows how many Hollow to cause an imbalance between worlds which in turn effectively threatened to leave reality in a state of collapse and instability. Hearing Haschwalth prattle on about the scale of balance and equating fortune with misfortune just made my eyes roll so incredibly hard.

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