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Zetman (Manga)

Zetman volume 16 chapter 178 - Zet cover art

What colour is the sky reflected in Zet?

Questions without answers and only consequences.

When faced with a question or problem without a “right” solution, with each decision carrying a consequential wrong, what answer should one arrive at? How does one determine in such a situation, what is “right” and what is “wrong”?

Zetman tells the tale of man-made creatures called “players” which embody a threat to human existence and mans attempts to correct their mistakes through the creation of a being called “Zet”. It is a story told from two perspectives; from a boy, Kouga Amagi,  looking to become a super human to uphold his perceptions of “justice” and another, Jin Kanzaki, who is trying to escape the “beast” he was intended to be in favour of becoming the human he desires to be.

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Tower Of God (Manhwa)

Tower of God volume 2 chapter 19 - Jyu Viole Grace

As promised, all that you seek is prepared up ‘there’

What do you desire? Money? Glory? Power? Revenge? Or something that surpasses all other? Whatever you desire…’THAT’ IS HERE.

Tower of God as the title suggest, deals with a tower, a tower so massive that it and of itself constitutes a world. This mysterious tower tests chosen participants along each of its levels towards the top filtering the resolved and capable from the ones lacking such qualities. At the top are the answers to your desires waiting for you. The story follows the journey of Baam who was alone in some mysterious underground cave until he met Rachel. Through the times they shared, she became his everything and when she chose to enter the tower to scale to the top to live her dream of seeing a real sky filled with stars, he opened the doors to the tower as well in pursuit. Desiring to find and reunite with Rachel, he proceeds to scale the tower.

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