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Boku No Hero Academia (Manga)

Boku no Hero Academia chapter 76 - colour spread

The path to grow isn’t one decorated in fortune and luck, it is one supported by the struggles, pains, and lessons endured

What is a hero? What do they embody? What do they signify? As cliché as it sounds, as childish as it sounds, as absurd as it sounds, there is something so deeply empowering about that word. Understanding your goal and having a path which you are centered on. Striving forward with full knowledge of who you are. Unconcerned about the fear of uncertainty and trying. Recognising where you stand and the person who you aspire to be. Continuously. With clarity. The word “hero” resonates with it a freedom and expressiveness we all wish to experience. Boku no Hero Academia delves into that concept and through its character and the story unfolding around them, we as readers find ourselves inspired and compelled by their pursuit towards becoming heroes.

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