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One Piece Chapter 736 – The Donquixote Elite Officers

You’ve got hand it to Oda-sensei, he knows how to create suspenseful and impacting moments that make you laugh and smile. I loved it when Viola told the group to ‘proceed with caution’ through the Palace lower sections and in … Continue reading

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Bleach Chapter 566 – Surpassing Fear

Finally, we finally get to see Rukia in action after so long. To think that the main female character of the story has been side lined for so long, hopefully Kubo-sensei gives us one epic battle between Rukia and Äs … Continue reading

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Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 63 – The King Of Camelot

That was unexpected, so the whole army of Arthur’s was an illusion created by that hooded character, interesting…that hooded character really is dangerous. To think just two people fooled the whole of the Holy Knights, including Hendricksen, who thinks of … Continue reading

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Fairy Tail Chapter 368 – Jellal Falls

Well I wasn’t expecting that…did Jellal seriously get a hole blown in his chest with that special beam cannon attack of Zero’s? The real confusing part is why Zero’s seal was released, I was of the impression that the seal … Continue reading

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Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 54 – Ikumi And Ryouko

With the main characters now coming out to reveal their dishes, it is hilarious seeing the judges unable to contain themselves and merely moderately taste the dishes they are presented with, especially when it is shown through Natsume’s reaction =P … Continue reading

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One Piece Chapter 735 – When A Tiger Bears Its Fangs

Ooooooh I was wondering what Fujitora would do, so his plan is to prevent any harm from befalling the citizens of Dressrosa by stopping the Strawhats and then follow through with his own justice and deal with Doflamingo “afterwards”, what … Continue reading

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Naruto Chapter 662 – Heartbeat On The Edge Of Life

What made the chapter for me was the focus on Hinata and Kishimoto-sensei actually making some effort to have her express her love for Naruto through action…such a dam shame he made her trip and fall. Hopefully though since she … Continue reading

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