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Magico Chapter 52-57 – No Man Should Steal Another Man’s Wife

Magico Chapter 52 - Happy Days

Colourful, creative, happy and magical, what a great double page spread, I love it

Yes, no man should steal another man’s wife, but that CLEARLY doesn’t bother Magico when it comes to such things in this arc, I can’t believe I’m seeing such a development in a shounen manga, ah what an unsatisfying and lame twist. Well I suppose this is what happened with Rosetta when Joshua “stole” her away from the Dragon Tail King, but that situation is clearly different from Emma’s case where she still loves Shion and is not unsatisfied or unhappy with him. All I could say and think when Raven dropped his marriage proposal on Emma was “oi…” But soon enough the torrents of emotions rapidly building up began to rage and the sheer unnecessariness behind the development began to invoke my thoughts and feelings into motion.

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Freezing Chapter 42-48 – To Liberate

Freezing - Satellizer el Bridget

A cold and ruthless personality hiding a scared and traumatised girl

And so we finally learn about the agony Satellizer had to endure since the day she entered the el Bridget household, of the torment she suffered through at the hands of her half-brother, Louis, and of the hellish fear and trauma which shackled her and cracked her will…her pain and the nightmare which was her life, we see it all.

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