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Fairy Tail Chapter 364 – Darkness Beckons

Well well, so such a twist was artfully waiting in the shadows to pounce on our intrigue and push forward a really plot-driven chapter. Darkness sure can be a comforting blanket embracing a person, to be able to have the … Continue reading

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One Piece Chapter 732 – Within The Shadows Of Dressrosa

The Sugar surprise panic strategy has begun and with that so has the most important part of the arc, depending on what happens here, tremendous shock waves will be sent throughout the world. How exactly will the Strawhats and their … Continue reading

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Naruto Chapter 659 – The Rinnegan

I was worried that the battle with Madara would be similar to the one we seen against Obito, but it turns out that won’t really be the case, especially with Madara boasting his control over the Rinnegan is at levels … Continue reading

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