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One Piece Chapter 631 – Transformation

One Piece Chaper 631 - Hody Jones - coloured by Naruto1piece (http://naruto1piece.deviantart.com)

Hody's Jones transformation after taking the Energy Steroids

Hmmmm, so the Energy Steroids transformed Hody, beefing him up and seemingly exponentially increasing his power, that is interesting (now he really does look like a badass villain). Well it’s expected steroids would do that, but I wonder what the exact side-effects are and how is this transformation affecting his body in the long-run? Do the New Fishman Pirates even know?

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One Piece Chapter 629-630 – Scarred Hearts

One Piece Chapter 629 - Nojiko coloured by NichtVOBLA (http://nichtvobla.deviantart.com)

Did Nojiko start up a tangerines business? And using Nami's tattoo as a logo, how cool

It’s quite the tricky situation Luffy and Jinbe find themselves in. Both have something to protect and both have their ways in wanting to protect it, and herein lies the differences. Small differences that drive walls between people, neither wrong yet neither in support of each other.

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One Piece Chapters 624-628 – Otohime, The Queen Who Inspired The Hearts Of Her People

One Piece - Queen Otohime coloured by Deiviscc

The hearts of a nation moved by their love for their Queen

Oh One Piece, I can’t win against you, you always find a way into my heart and invoke the tears out of me with your moving and impacting characters. Fisher Tiger’s story and the story about Queen Otohime was amazing.

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