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One Piece Chapter 727 – Doflamingo’s Trap

One Piece chapter 727 - Doflamingo's plan


Wow, what an intense chapter that shockingly illustrated just how cruel and evil Doflamingo can be. I knew Doflamingo was twisted, but this chapter opened my eyes to a whole new level of twistedness Doflamingo has. To destroy such a beautiful thing as the trust a whole country has for their leader, their king, does Doflamingo have no heart? I was expecting Doflamingo to have gained some sort of insight in humanity and what is wrong after having grown up with the Tenryuubito but I guess my optimistic assumption was just too optimistic. Even compared to what we’ve seen from the Tenryuubito, Doflamingo takes the cake, the layers of cruelty he has displayed this chapter were piercing. What exactly happened to Doflamingo in the past to dictate his actions now?

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One Piece Chapter 719 – The Return Of “The Drill”

One Piece chapter 719 - Luffy's Thor Elephant Gun

Chinjao…I can’t help but feel both sorry and happy for you in this moment…

I can’t believe I just read what I read…hahah, I’m cracking up recalling the contents of the chapter and trying to figure out what to write but that conclusion to the fight, it has me laughing so hard. Seriously I don’t think anyone, ANYONE could have predicted what happened to have happened before they actually read what was happening.

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One Piece – Violet, The Dancing Assassin

One Piece - The Dancing Assassin, Violet - by ignitible (http://ignitible.deviantart.com)

The Dancing Assassin

When an embracing heart meets dishonesty and betrayal, the cold hands of callous begin to wrap its numbing hold around draining the very essence and warmth within. Violet, a passionate women with a kind heart and the ability to see through everything thanks to her Giro Giro no Mi, was able to see through all the lies the man she had been with made, and as a result views of cynicism began to dominate her feelings and behaviour. Distrustful and jaded, behavioural tendencies stretching into ruthless, transformed this once loving and emotional lady into one cold and brutal.

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One Piece – Monet The Harpy

One Piece - Monet - drawn_by Space Person - colour by PhoenixRoy (http://phoenixroy.deviantart.com)

Monet the Harpy – colour by PhoenixRoy

I was just re-thinking possible theories of Monet being a Devil Fruit user and I started to wonder, couldn’t Monet be a Logia Devil Fruit user? The Yuki Yuki no Mi? She could be disguised as the snow falling on the frozen part of Punk Hazard when she listened in on what Law and Luffy were discussing. Monet is potentially a “snow-woman” (“Yuki-Onna”).

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One Piece Chapter 661-674 – Pieces Of The Puzzle

One Piece - Punk Hazard - by DEIVISCC (http://deiviscc.deviantart.com)

The Players of Punk Hazard – by DEIVISCC (http://deiviscc.deviantart.com)

Wow…so now that the majority of the pieces have been revealed and assembled, we finally get to see just what the final picture is turning out to look like and oh my goodness, what a shocking and totally surprising one it is…

A plan four years in the making, a plan driven by a warped mind and a plan garnering attention by numerous famous and power-hungry “brokers”. This arc has seriously been like a massive puzzle and hahah I feel like we still have many more developments left to come, how exciting and thrilling. Trying to predict and conceive this Punk Hazard arc has been such an incredible challenge, especially during the start when all we had was randomness after randomness, but hahah, it was fun. Now that certain mysterious players have been revealed; like Caesar Clown, Joker, and Vergo, we finally get to see just what this arc is all about and just where things have been leading toward. Power and weapons huh…

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One Piece Chapter 631 – Transformation

One Piece Chaper 631 - Hody Jones - coloured by Naruto1piece (http://naruto1piece.deviantart.com)

Hody's Jones transformation after taking the Energy Steroids

Hmmmm, so the Energy Steroids transformed Hody, beefing him up and seemingly exponentially increasing his power, that is interesting (now he really does look like a badass villain). Well it’s expected steroids would do that, but I wonder what the exact side-effects are and how is this transformation affecting his body in the long-run? Do the New Fishman Pirates even know?

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