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One Piece Chapter 631 – Transformation

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One Piece Chaper 631 - Hody Jones - coloured by Naruto1piece (http://naruto1piece.deviantart.com)

Hody's Jones transformation after taking the Energy Steroids

Hmmmm, so the Energy Steroids transformed Hody, beefing him up and seemingly exponentially increasing his power, that is interesting (now he really does look like a badass villain). Well it’s expected steroids would do that, but I wonder what the exact side-effects are and how is this transformation affecting his body in the long-run? Do the New Fishman Pirates even know?

Hody’s 150km Water Shot was cool – but lol what the hell? 150km? I thought Fishman Island was located 10,000 meters under the ocean surface and that Fishman was located inside of a bubble (which is spherical). A more plausible figure would be that Water Shot travelling 1.5km or 2km (to match the size of Fishman Island). Is there something about Fishman Island I am not getting?

One Piece Chapter 631 - Hody's Transformation

Those Energy Steroids are just rapidly exhausting his body, how long does Hody left to live?

Anyway going with the 150km figure (for fun), if Hody had super-eagle eye vision, he could be the ultimate sniper =P. Imagine him picking off people with his Water Shot from 150km away – ridiculous I know, but it’d be amusing. Devil Fruit users wouldn’t stand a chance =P.

Fukaboshi, Ryuuboshi and Manboshi’s entrance plus speech was great. Really like how they displayed their beliefs from the get-go and carrying the legacy of their mother, they charged forward filled with determination and courage. Fukaboshi is shaping up to be a really awesome King – I loved how he announced his desire to carry on his mother’s dream at her funeral and I loved how he expressed his distaste at Hody this chapter for not understanding that the people of the Island want to move forward and reach towards a future where Fishmen and Humans can coexist. The people want change and Fukaboshi and his brothers are ready to transform the Fishmen’s sad history into one filled with radiance and hope. Having the Sea Beasts disposed off immediately was pretty amusing and cool, but now they face a doped up gang of Fishmen Pirates. They’ll put up a good fight and show their resolve which is empowered by the promise they made with their mother but I don’t think they will topple Hody…he is just to maxed-up on Energy Steroids. It will be interesting to see how the fight will turn out when Jinbe arrives, but the Energy Steroids is a mysterious thing – how much power-boost has Hodi gained and how much more can he gain with the Energy Steroids (by taking more)?

One Piece Chapter 631 - The Neptune Brothers make their stand

To change the future and carry on their mother's legacy, the three brothers blast forward to challenge Hody

Anyhow I have been wondering, how will Luffy and the Strawhats fit into all of this? Will they take on Hody if Jinbe and the Neptune brothers fail? It will be interesting to see what Oda does with the Strawhats. The enemy this time round is one where they have to tread more carefully with, not because he is strong, but because of the rift between Fishmen and Humans. The crew need to consider how their actions are going to impact on the future between these two races. So I’m really wondering how Oda is going to write the Strawhats into the middle of this dicey situation and will Madam Shirley’s prediction come true? Will Fishman Island really be destroyed by Luffy?

I also have been thinking about where the New Fishman Pirates organised the Energy Steroids from. Is something bigger going on in the shadows of Hody’s revolution, something more overarching that could have bigger implications than first thought? A certain person/group/faction could have made the Energy Steroids end up in the New Fishman Pirates possession by making them believe they “got their hands on it” (that’s how Ikaros said they acquire it in chapter 611). If a certain person/group/faction is looking to end the existence of Fishman Island and the Fishmen, than having the Fishmen destroy themselves would be the smart and efficient path to take (politically, economically, and physically). The Energy Steroid side-effects could cause the user to lose control of themselves and go berserk. This could lead the New Fishman Pirates to attacking the Fishmen indiscriminately…

Now the Energy Steroids don’t appear to me to be made by Fishmen. It seems like something humans would make – they seem more likely to have the desire and resources available to create something like this. If the person/group/faction is human (the Tenryuubito?), than I can see how Luffy and the Strawhats fit into all of this. There would be no reason for Luffy to hold back in that case. If Oda wants to have the Fishmen witness how different Humans can be, than there is no better way than to have Humans vs Humans (where Luffy and his crew fight for Fishman Island).

Vander Decken lol, what is he planning now that he is heart-broken…he seemed awfully too happy about what he just thought up in this chapter =P. Shirahoshi now has Jinbe to defend her, but I wonder what she will do when she gets to Gyoncorde Plaza.

One Piece Chapter  631 - Chapter Cover Page

Who is that person? Is it a he or a she? Still love the Strawhat logo on Laboon

Also about the cover page, that character which has their back turned to us, that character appears to be a woman to me =/. Maybe she is Koala (she should be 23 years old in the present day). It could be a male, but the cape and kasa (hat) which the character is wearing has me wondering why Oda is concealing the character so much. It could just be the design, but still, the possibility that the character is either male or female still exist.

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