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One Piece Chapters 624-628 – Otohime, The Queen Who Inspired The Hearts Of Her People

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One Piece - Queen Otohime coloured by Deiviscc

The hearts of a nation moved by their love for their Queen

Oh One Piece, I can’t win against you, you always find a way into my heart and invoke the tears out of me with your moving and impacting characters. Fisher Tiger’s story and the story about Queen Otohime was amazing.

After Tiger’s death when the Fishmen removed their support for Otohime’s heartfelt ideals, I seriously felt for her =(. So much effort put in and not even having one Fishmen listen to her (beyond her family). But even against it and weighted down by opposition to her ideals and a lack of interest in them, she still stood up and took it on herself to see her dream through and lead her people (especially the children) towards a future filled with freedom, a future where they escape from the fear shackling their hearts from the brilliance all around them.

One Piece chapter 625 - Queen Otohime

Oh how radiant Queen Otohime is, and how magnificent her ideals are

It’s incredibly moving seeing how strong Otohime’s desire for a peaceful coexistence between Fishmen and Humans was. She was even willing to protect a Tenryuubito and put herself in harm’s way to do so. Even if the Tenryuubito are the most narrow-minded among the humans and are disgustingly arrogant and egotistic, Otohime still put herself forward and chose to walk the path she believes in, and it was not just for herself, but her people, the people she had overflowing love for.

One Piece - Queen Otohime holding the petition

Dreaming of change, Otohime walks forward towards the future she desires for her people

The fact that she was able to get the Tenryuubito to negotiate with her and even return with a petition containing signatures in favour of furthering the relationship between Fishmen and Human, really does speak toward just how capable and strong Otohime is. When the Fishmen came up to give their support to Otohime, I couldn’t help but overflow with emotion and succumb to tears, it was overwhelming seeing how through her determination and her inspiring efforts how much she changed her people and how much her love impacted on them. Pretty awesome when the Minister of the Right brought the bigger box – he was there when the people took their votes from the box in the past, and you could tell he felt extreme sadness for Otohime, but now he was able to express his gratitude to his Queen and help her out.

One Piece Chapter 626 - Queen Otohime's tears

Through her endless determination and years-long hardwork, she inspired her nation into action

The Mermaid Legend was quite something, being able to control Sea Kings huh, that IS incredible, and Shirahoshi is capable to using this ability (awesome). This development really does add another tasteful element to the story this arc and to the whole story of One Piece. Learning that Otohime got her courage to walk forward for her people from “that moment” really shows just how much her family means to her. The promise the Neptune brothers made with their mother (to protect Shirahoshi) and watching them keep it as Otohime was dying and as they were in tears (and in a state of extreme sadness themselves) was another intensely emotional scene. To ease the immense weight Otohime carried on her back (all these years) in her final moments, the Neptune brothers and Shirahoshi comforted her with the promise to see her dream come true, her grand and selfless dream, full of hope and love.

One Piece Chapter 626 - The Promise

A dream to ignite the future, held up by a promise between family

I wonder if that human really was the one who shot Queen Otohime – if he was maybe he was hired by a Tenryuubito to do so (I doubt the Tenryuubito would sit quietly after being shamed…). If the Tenryuubito really did hire that pirate to shoot (and kill) Queen Otohime, than that is just sad…for being the class most “important” in human society, they are incredibly foolish and selfish, to the point of being destructive to the good in the world.

One Piece Chapter 627 - The wishes of a mother

Dreams of freedom, the Prince resolves to carry out the wishes his mother lived and struggled for

Fukaboshi during Queen Otohime’s funeral – wow, that speech was great. Carrying on his mother’s wishes and desiring to fulfill it within this lifetime, and that line “let’s all dream together..of the “sun”…!!”, it was amazing.

One Piece Chapter 627 - Jimbe's tears

Torn and consumed by guilt, the words from Nami lift that weight tormenting Jinbe's heart

Nami was pretty awesome in handling the situation after she heard the story about the Fishmen Pirates…even with what she had to live and suffer through under Arlong (and because of him), she still found it in her heart to release the resentment she holds towards Fishmen long ago. Now I know why Nami is most popular female character in One Piece (among the One Piece fans) =).

One Piece Chapter 628 - Hordy's hatred

The sadness of betrayal and the pain of reality, a twisted perception leads to a ruthless decision

Hordy Jones, you can’t really blame him for what he is doing, as Neptune said ‘when the children’s eyes see the cycle of vengeance in front of them, their eye’s begin to “darken” too and get sucked up into that circle as well.’ Hordy not being subject to what “good” resides in humans and only being exposed to the “evil” and “cruelty” residing in them, can only understand and see that aspect of them and as such see’s humans as only that – creatures that will betray you. Observation twisting perception and perception twisting love for his kind into an intense hate for humans. It was sad how he made the Fishmen step on a picture of their beloved Queen Otohime, =(. Everything she worked so hard for is starting to crumble with Hordy’s actions and if he wanted to, Hordy can even crush all that hard work if he destroys the “light of hope” (the petition with the Tenryuubito’s signatures).

Hordy’s desire to lead the Fishmen into a new era has really twisted his point of view – going so far as to treat the supporters of Queen Otohime’s petition as “traitors”, that’s too sad…

Usopp, Zoro and Brook captured, lol running out of breath underwater sure sucks…oh well it may be time for Pappug to shine like the star he his =) – he could end up freeing them.

Robin’s discovery sure adds another impressive twist to this arc. Reads like an apology letter? Well that’s interesting, to leave such a thing on the “Poneglyphs”, it must be something seriously important that this person wanted to apologise for. And “Joy Boy”, does this have something to do with the Void Century? Either way I’m REAL intrigued in what this all means!

One Piece Chapter 628 - Robin reading the Poneglyph

Just what history lies behind the apology? What story will you tell oh Ancient "Poneglyph"?

Anyway speaking of Robin, the colour spread does hint at her being able to create “another” of herself. If Robin can use her Hana Hana no Mi (Flower Flower Fruit) to grow extra hands and eyes (among other limbs), I don’t see why not with training she couldn’t be able to expand it and grow another body of herself =). If so that would be really something – I’m extremely interested in how Robin developed in these two years (her Devil Fruit is interesting).

One Piece - Luffy vs Jinbe - colored by Deiviscc

Luffy versus Jinbe - coloured by Deiviscc (http://deiviscc.deviantart.com)

I understand where Jinbei is coming from – having a Fishmen defeat Hordy will prevent the grudge Fishmen hold against Humans to expand further, and it will also prevent some other Fishmen like Hordy or Arlong from fanning the flames of the anti-Fishmen and Humans relations. But I still think if Jinbei and Luffy work together it may hold some symbolic meaning signifying Fishmen and Humans working together (ie. coexisting), but that’s only assuming the Fishmen are open enough to have such a thought cross their mind. Would be funny if by the time Luffy and Jinbei settle their fight, Zoro, Usopp and Brook are already free =P.

Looking forward to seeing what happens next chapter.

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