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Edens Zero Chapter 160 - Homura befriends Seiji

Edens Zero Chapter 160 – The Flicker Of Stars

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Edens Zero Chapter 160 - Homura befriends Seiji

Even with Shura’s forces dissembled, Nero still remains. And with the bulk of the Imperial Army military under his command, he exist as an active player within the conflict around Nero 66. Detached from any analysis, Nero preemptively took matters into his own hands and gambled on the fate he places within his dice. Such a roll dictated he dispatch one of the Temple weaponry to Nero 66, the Sea Serpent. A devastating weapon capable of mass destruction. The death of soldiers on all sides cascade on top of each other leaving but grief, terror and dread in its wake. Beyond the Sea Serpent, what else does Nero have lying in wait?

The presence of the Sea Serpent outside the planet Nero 66 suggest Nero’s awareness of the failings of Shura. Even if it were Nero’s dice that finalised such a choice, he would be able to deduce what was happening using the information available to him. To sacrifice one of The Temples weapons and use its power elsewhere, the fact that Nero followed through with such a choice illustrates the level of belief he has in his dice and the need he has for Shura to not be defeated. If Shura was not important to Nero’s ultimate goal, he would have no reason to defend Nero 66 against the Interstellar Union Army and Oasis. Could Nero ultimately find himself needing to be present on Nero 66 in the near future?

Edens Zero Chapter 160 - The Imperial Army reveals their Sea Serpent weapon

The destructive force of the Sea Serpent extends to not only its laser beam but also to the immediate area surrounding the beam where everything is disintegrated. Sadly, Oasis were hit and lost two soldiers – Lizarre and Furena. In the face of such a threat, Oasis can do little to counter the power of the Sea Serpent. There hopes now lie in the forces of the Interstellar Union Army and in any assistance Oasis can provide them. Justice, Victory and Eraser all make it their mission to take out the Sea Serpent once coming to terms of the danger it possesses. Beyond that one Sea Serpent, does the Temple and Nero possess more? If Nero had an army or division of Sea Serpent’s, there would be little anyone could do to oppose them. And what about other types of weaponry? Does the Imperial Army possess even more deadly arsenal? And if so, how does Nero plan to use them?

It appears I was wrong about Creed. The suspicion surrounding him existed not in the form of ill-intent but in a desire to liberate his home nation, Oedo, from their shackles of ignorance. Based on Creed’s real name, Seiji Hojo, he is a member of the Oedo Shogunate family. As such, his status grants him the ability to influence the path of Oeda’s future. A future he saw as bleak if left to track on the outdated and pointless class system it defines itself by. The vastness of the Cosmoses became the setting on which his perception of freedom shattered. Oeda methodology in how it ruled could be changed and improved for the betterment and prosperity of the whole planet.

Edens Zero Chapter 160 - Seiji is shot by Jesse

Tragically though, within the same chapter as having his dream to broaden the culture of Oeda highlighted, it was snuffed out by the hands of an unstable ally. Jesse, who obviously needed a psycho-evaluation test before being recommissioned for field duty, became triggered at the sight of Homura whom reminded him of Elsie, someone he has convinced himself is the epitome of evil. Jesse was obviously not ready for field duty after his previous undercover operation and as a result of his unstable mind, Creed was shot and seemingly killed. Will Jesse take ownership of his actions or will he pin the blame on Homura? Will Homura be wrongfully accused of Seiji Hojo’s murder and be sought after by Oedo through the Cosmoses? I can genuinely see Jesse pulling such a scummy move. Or will the current events be rewritten in a new timeline Rebecca will shift to after using her Cat Leaper ability? Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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