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Edens Zero Chapter 160 - Homura befriends Seiji

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Edens Zero Chapter 160 – The Flicker Of Stars

Edens Zero Chapter 160 - Homura befriends Seiji

Even with Shura’s forces dissembled, Nero still remains. And with the bulk of the Imperial Army military under his command, he exist as an active player within the conflict around Nero 66. Detached from any analysis, Nero preemptively took matters into his own hands and gambled on the fate he places within his dice. Such a roll dictated he dispatch one of the Temple weaponry to Nero 66, the Sea Serpent. A devastating weapon capable of mass destruction. The death of soldiers on all sides cascade on top of each other leaving but grief, terror and dread in its wake. Beyond the Sea Serpent, what else does Nero have lying in wait?

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