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Edens Zero chapter 157 - Laguna and Ijuna encounter each other

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Edens Zero Chapter 157 – Laguna And Ijuna: Oasis

Edens Zero chapter 157 - Laguna and Ijuna encounter each other

And so they meet. An encounter destined to manifest from the moment the existence of the Oasis Princess was first revealed. The circumstances surrounding her perceived death was not only suspicious but foreshadowing toward this moment. I have championed this encounter and supported Laguna’s role in turning Ijuna into an ally. Ijuna may appear antagonistic but the manner of her actions seem directed toward an end which she conceded would justify her means. Ijuna was not in support of Shura but rather awaiting an opportunity to exact the revenge boiling within her. While physically close to Shura, she emotionally distanced herself from him. All her efforts tempered the axe she wishes to bring down on Shura’s head. Laguna will not only melt the ice freezing her heart and soul but reconnect the thread of family submerged under that ocean of hatred that has frozen over. The clouds of anger blocking the warmth from reaching Ijuna will dissipate allowing the light of joy and freedom to shine through once again. Her Oasis is not lost.

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