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One Piece chapter 1026 - Luffy and Momonosuke VS Kaido

One Piece Chapter 1026 – Luffy And Momonosuke VS Kaido: Resolve

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One Piece chapter 1026 - Luffy and Momonosuke VS Kaido

It has been an age of terror, grief and unfamiliarity for Momonosuke during the past few months. The heart mourning the loss of his parents still remains entrenched in the dread of darkness blanketing his world from that day. Such a trauma compelled him forward but also haunted him with his inabilities. Twenty years may have passed but for Momonosuke, the death of his mother and father was but moments ago. Sorrow still fresh continues to overwhelm him. Now face to face with Kaido and in a position to stand against such a terror, Momonosuke fights off his fears and thanks to Luffy’s words and support, commits himself to a path of resolve.

Momonosuke has been tasked with stopping Onigashima and with the wave of courage now washing over him, he should be able to fly according to his own direction. Whether Momonosuke is able to use the same abilities as Kaido to prevent Onigashima from falling on top of the Flower Capital remains to be seen but if Yamato provides assistance, he may able to guide Momonosuke into being able to generate Flame Clouds to keep Onigashima afloat once Kaido releases his Flame Clouds. Or could Momonosuke wrap Onigashima in his own Flame Clouds and override Kaido’s control in where Onigashima is directed? Momonosuke may end up returning Onigashima back into the Wano ocean.

One Piece chapter 1026 - Luffy punches Kaido after Momonosuke bites Kaido

Yamato could assist Luffy against Kaido but the current set-up appears more directed towards Luffy taking on Kaido alone from this point forward. Yamato though still has a pivotal role left he can perform and that is assisting Momonosuke use the abilities he has access to in his Dragon form. Momonosuke does not automatically know the abilities the form can use by existing in it but if he had some guidance, that may help. Yamato is someone who has challenged Kaido for twenty plus years and is overly familiar with the abilities the Dragon form can perform. Cooperation between the two has been hinted at and it may take the form of Yamato working alongside Momonosuke to stop Onigashima.

The imagery of having a Dragon and an Oni save Wano Kuni will surely be a transformative one after such forms derived only terror and despair for the people of Wano. With the Fire Festival going on, the Flower Capital has been opened up to all of Wano. As such, those able and willing would be attending the festival and witness to the events about to transpire. The Wano people may not have noticed it yet but with Onigashima advancing ever closer to the Flower Capital, it is only a matter of time before the people notice. Panic and fear will set in but it will be within that darkness that they will witness the efforts of a Dragon and an Oni saving them. The symbolism attached to those forms will in turn transform from misery into something more…hopeful.

One Piece chapter 1026 - The clash of Luffy and Kaido's blows 'splits the heavens'

With Luffy back challenging Kaido, I wonder if Kaido will finally admit that he has grossly underestimated Luffy. Not only has Kaido not been able to break or defeat Luffy but each time they conflict, Luffy has gotten stronger. Or will Kaido need a proper defeat to accept such a notion? The equivalence of a force matching his own should be a signal to Kaido. Their blows clashing against each other were able to split the heavens. Such a feat has been reserved for only the Yonko so far with Whitebeard, Shanks, Big Mom and Kaido himself achieving it when clashing with each other. Yet, now we have Luffy, the so called “Fifth Yonko”. If Kaido wasn’t willing to accept Luffy’s capabilities before, the imagery now before him may motivate him to reconsider. Luffy is now within the realms of those he seeks to defeat. And Kaido will do well to approach his battle against Luffy with caution and respect.

As the heavens split, the Full Moon covered by the clouds was able to cast its light again onto the Mink battling the forces of the Beast Pirate and Big Mom Pirates. Inuarashi and Nekomamushi empowered once again by the Full Moon transform into their Sulong forms and use the opportunity to finish off Jack and Perospero respectively. The first Beast Pirate All Star and eldest child of Big Mom have been defeated. It is only a matter of time before the other Beast Pirate/Big Mom Pirate forces are defeated. Aside from Kaido and Big Mom, there are King, Queen, Hawkins, Apoo, Fukurokuju, the Numbers and other lesser forces remaining. Well there is also Orochi, who is still kicking and appears to be up to something. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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