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Edens Zero chapter 159 - The tears that restore ones heart

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Edens Zero Chapter 159 – Laguna VS Ijuna: Destiny

Edens Zero chapter 159 - The tears that restore ones heart

A heart brought to the point of desperation where the desire for survival constructed the deception that was the affection Ijuna felt toward Shura. It was an escape from the agony washing over Ijuna day after day, cruelty after cruelty, torture after torture. A subconscious defensive mechanism activated alongside her Ether Gear and in the maelstrom of hopelessness and torment, a red string of ether driven by anguish connected Ijuna to Shura. The love binding Ijuna to Shura is but an illusion of emotions conjured by her despair and connection to Ether. What ultimately saved Ijuna were the tears of her heart longing for the bonds she was already connected by. Unbreakable bonds that tied Oasis together in the form of their desire for liberation. Laguna awakened Ijuna’s heart and released Ijuna from the bindings entrapping her allowing her to sever the red thread tying her to Shura. The destiny awaiting Ijuna isn’t Shura but the red destiny of Oasis.

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