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Edens Zero Chapter 158 - Laguna VS Ijuna


Edens Zero Chapter 158 – Laguna VS Ijuna: Broken

Edens Zero Chapter 158 - Laguna VS Ijuna

I was not expecting such a dark take on the tragedy existing in Ijuna’s past. To think that what led Ijuna to commit her servitude to the Imperial Empire was not her desire to gain vengeance on Shura but rather the fragility of the human mind being brought to the point of hopelessness and despondency. In the state of perpetual torture, her psyche broke and began being shaped by the twisted narrative of despair. In the pit of darkness, Shura became her light and guided by the desire to end her suffering, her mind warped her perception to conjure illusions of affection. The nature of her pure soul became dyed by such anguish and served to fetter her mind from recalling a reality outside such torment. Ijuna was psychologically broken down and brainwashed by Shura into championing the corrupt and inhumane actions of himself and the Imperial Empire he seeks to shape.

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