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One Piece Chapter 788 – Saving Dressrosa

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One Piece chapter 788 - Viola and Doflamingo

The Princess of the nation, Viola VS Donquixote Doflamingo

Grasping onto that ray of light Luffy and Law has created with their efforts against Doflamingo, the people of Dressrosa gather together in order to save the country they love. Combined efforts working together to stop the psychotic king ready to end all their lives in a hellish slaughter of red. With the path ahead of them illuminated, the people of Dressrosa join in on delaying the Bird Cage in order to buy Luffy enough time to recover his Haki and finally put a stop to the madness of Donquixote Doflamingo. The Dressrosa citizen’s have finally accepted the reality of the nightmare they find themselves in and have chosen to do something to change it.

Even being borderline out of energy, Doflamingo is still able to overwhelm Dressrosa. He may not be able to expend enough energy to search for Luffy but he is still able to focus on contracting the Bird Cage to annihilate Luffy by slicing him up, well he hopefully seeks to. One seriously has to wonder what Doflamingo had to go through to get so powerful and such perfection over his Devil Fruit.

One Piece chapter 788 - Dressrosa rises

The whole of Dressrosa desires to change the reality they have found themselves in

Thanks to Doflamingo’s charm of being a hateful bastard, he has made each and every one of the Dressrosa citizen’s his enemy and thanks to his years of exploiting the vulnerability of people he has now unintentionally created a massive army of warriors out for his blood and unfortunately for Doflamingo, they are all now pushing back the Bird Cage he has cast all his eggs into hoping that it will deal with Luffy before he has time to regain his Haki. Doflamingo clearly underestimated his ability to be hated.

Not really surprised to see Law again as he is a major player within this arc but I had hoped that after his near-death experiences with Doflamingo that his role within the arc was over. Hopefully Law’s role now is only to defend Luffy while he recovers his Haki, I’d rather not see Law getting thrashed by Doflamingo again.

One Piece chapter 788 - Mansherry's tears

It is a neat ability, but it seems like such a manufactured one to deal with the current situation – Poor Doflamingo, the plot frowns upon him

Oda certainly is focusing on the drama of the arc excessively that it has come at the expense of the overall arc story. I get that Oda is trying to incorporate the whole of Dressrosa into Doflamingo’s defeat, but with the result so obvious now and the majority of the Luffy vs Doflamingo battle over, reader’s can’t help but feel a loss of excitement and interest with the defeat of Doflamingo being dragged on through the stalling of the Bird Cage. Overly complicating a dramatic situation doesn’t necessarily succeed in creating excitement and intrigue.

The lack of tension through Mansherry existence diminishes whatever excitement the tension brings and unfortunately for the arc, with no tension linked to the upcoming climatic moment of Doflamingo’s defeat, the excitement is drastically reduced. Mansherry’s tears hitting everybody not the Donquixote Family and healing them doesn’t help to build up excitement for Doflamingo’s inevitable defeat. I can’t help but feel that Mansherry’s character was manufactured for the sole purpose of ensuring that the arc has all of its tension sucked right out of it. Thanks for murdering my excitement Princess Mansherry.

One Piece chapter 788 - Viola challenges Doflamingo

In order to redeem herself for her sins in helping Doflamingo, Viola challenges him

Got to love Viola’s decision to challenge Doflamingo though. Even though it is obvious that Viola will not be the one to take down Doflamingo, her action in challenging Doflamingo is still relevant and important. Over the past ten years aiding Doflamingo, regardless of whether she wanted to or not, Viola feels responsible for Dressrosa having suffered so much. In order to redeem herself for her sins in helping Doflamingo, she now seeks to finish him in order to restore the peace and joy she was partly responsible in tainting and slowly destroying.

I can’t see Viola dying here, so Luffy (or someone else) will most likely arrive to save Viola but it will be interesting to see what state Viola will be in when Luffy does arrive. Rebecca is in tears at the end of the chapter, so things don’t seem to be going Viola’s way, but it will be interesting to see if Doflamingo seeks to draw out Viola’s suffering.

Nice to see Isshou lending a sword to help slow down Bird Cage, but I am saddened by the fact that he didn’t even attempt to cut it to gather whether the cage is too strong for him. I guess we can only assume at this point with all the swordsman favoring to slow down Bird Cage instead of cut it that Bird Cage is just too strong for them to cut.

Before the one minute is up for Luffy’s recovery, I am quite intrigued to find out what exactly will happen. Will Viola keep Doflamingo’s attention for that one remaining minute or will someone else with beef against Doflamingo join in? Very much looking forward to the next chapter.


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