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One Piece Chapter 790 – Doflamingo Defeated

One Piece chapter 790 - Straw Hat color spread

It is good to see the whole crew together again (even if just a cover) =D

It has finally arrived, the moment in which Luffy finally exchanges his final blow with Doflamingo this arc! Now we can finally move forward from Dressrosa and onto the rest of the New World. Finally! The interrupted and temporized nature of the Luffy and Doflamingo battle seriously did hinder the excitement attached to the match-up and unfortunately, with the addition of the whole of Dressrosa being incorporated into the defeat of Doflamingo, we were not only distracted from the Luffy VS Doflamingo conclusion, but ended up having the whole climax of the battle postponed for several chapters, just so Dressrosa could have their “ahhh” moment and realise they should actually do something themselves to help themselves. I understand the intention Oda-sensei had by using Doflamingo’s “madness” to develop several characters (Luffy, Law, Bellamy, Viola, Dressrosa) and it wasn’t bad but there are times when the focus of the reader’s attention needs to be limited to less developments to allow for those few developments to be more impacting.

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Bleach Chapter 631 – The Origins Of The Sternritter

Bleach chapter 631 - Bazz-B's promise

The creator of their sorrow and the target of their vengeance…

How peculiar, so Yhwach knew about Soul Society way back in the past, I wonder how exactly he came to know about it? Could it be possible that some of the souls which fragments of his own soul were attached to knew about Soul Society and as a result when those fragments of his soul returned to him, Yhwach gained the knowledge along with the aspects of that person? Well whatever the case, Yhwach has been targeting Soul Society since he was 200 years old. As for Bazz-B it seems Jugram and him came to mutual understanding that in order to kill Yhwach, they would have to earn his trust, well at least that is what Bazz-B believed. There is still something unknown about Jugram that I doubt even Bazz-B knew about, but I wonder what exactly it is =/.

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