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Fairy Tail Chapter 441 – Towards Alakitasia

Fairy Tail chapter 441 - Fairy Tail Team A

I lost.

From the moment the concept of “infiltration mission” was mentioned, you just knew something would go awry and deviate the very nature of the mission. Fairy Tail just wouldn’t be Fairy Tail without a bit of spice to enhance the flavour of excitement attached to this mission. Although they started off so well fooling the Albareth Soldiers with their fake Guild Marks. A shame right from the very get-go the Albareth soldiers revealed themselves to be such villainous scum, would have loved for Erza and Co. to maintain their cover without incident for a bit longer, at least until they reach Alakitasia and the Albareth Empire. Oh well, Mest can still alter those soldiers memories and remove any trace of Fairy Tail from their memories.

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One Piece Chapter 791 – Freedom

One Piece chapter 791 - Kyros, the hero of Dressosa

Kyros, the hero of Dressosa

The Heavenly Demon’s hold over Dressrosa has finally been lifted and with Bird Cage nullified, the people of Dressrosa after ten long years are liberated. Kyros in particular, after his ten-year long battle against the shadows and deception of Doflamingo, his efforts have finally bore fruit and the nation he loves so dearly has finally been opened up to the truth. The nation has come to realise the price of their ignorance and through the deceit of Doflamingo, have finally found the type of land they truly seek to live in – one governed by freedom.

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Bleach Chapter 632 – Yhwach And Jugram

Bleach chapter 632 - Yhwach and Jugram

Why does Yhwach need to have his being separated into two halves?

What a peculiar development, Jugram is the “other half” of Yhwach? What exactly is Yhwach and why does his very existence deviant from the “norm” everybody else embody? How did Yhwach go about creating a whole new branch of humanity and what are the origins of Yhwach? The very fact that Yhwach is such a unique creation leaves me incredibly curious. I get that Yhwach is the son of the Soul King, but what exactly is the Soul King? The Shinigami needed the Soul King’s existence to stabilize the dimensions from crumbling, but why in the first place did they need such an existence? Surely before the Soul King came into existence, the worlds held together fine, so what drove the Shinigami to requiring an entity like the Soul King to be the part which holds the worlds together?

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