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Bleach Chapter 629 – Wahrwelt

Bleach chapter 629 - The Quincy foundation for their New World

Does Yhwach really want to be recognised as a God?

Haschwalth’s dedication to Yhwach is almost admirable if not totally suspicious and extreme for how passionate he is about everything Yhwach does. I mean, Yhwach could raise a finger and Haschwalth would be there commenting on how glorious Yhwach beckoned the air to move around his finger. All that preaching about the birth of “New World” originating from their redesigned castle only adds to the crazy I am feeling from the Sternritter, well the one’s left in Yhwach’s employ. Incredibly glad Grimmjow kick-started the counter-attack and refused waiting any longer to engage the Sternritter. Will be interesting to how the few Sternritter are dealt with by the many protagonist in this arc.

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