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Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 122-123 – The Moon Banquet Festival

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 123 - Souma's stall

Keeping things simple; smart Souma, very smart

How fascinating it is to see how Souma goes about approaching the challenge he has against Kuga and in particular, how Souma goes about deciding on the exact flavours to feature in his dishes that can stand up to and even outshine any of the dishes Kuga produces. The spiciness which Kuga drowns his dishes in ends up highlighting the deliciousness of the dish and creating an addiction inside the customer. Can Souma directly oppose such a flavor impact or does he plan on utilising the addiction Kuga’s dishes produces to attract customers to his stall. What ever Souma decides to do, he definitely does have a lot of cuisine variety to choose from to base his dishes around with Chinese cuisine as his cooking genre for this years Moon Banquet Festival. Can Souma do the unthinkable and actually defeat Kuga and the Chinese Research Society?

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Fairy Tail Chapter 440 – Infiltrating Alvarez

Fairy Tail chapter 440 - Erza's decision as the Seven Guild Master

I seriously cannot wait to see how much more powerful Erza has become over this past year

Instead of colliding against the united force Alvarez possess with an equally massive force, Erza has decided to keep things simple and send in a recon team consisting of Natsu, Gray, Lucy, Wendy, Mest, Happy, Carla and herself to infiltrate the Alvarez Empire and save Makarov (if he is indeed captured). Unbeknownst to Erza, Gajeel with his abnormal hearing has overheard their conversation and has plans of his own to infiltrate the Alvarez Empire with a group composed of the Fairy Tail Team B members. With the revelation of the Spriggan Twelve and the number one Ten Wizard Saint becoming part of it, it has become clear that in order for Fairy Tail to succeed in saving Makarov, they will have to clash against mages that possess magical power equal to or greater than the level of Ishgar’s strongest mage.

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