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Bleach Chapter 628 – The Quincy World

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Bleach chapter 628 - Wahrwelt

The one true world eh? Seems like it could use with some more Bleach

How interesting, so Yhwach has taken dominion of all the Reishi within the Soul King’s realm removing the ability of the Shinigami to freely control it. With Yhwach containing such a powerful grasp over the reishi within the Soul King realm, I am curious to find out how exactly he will be overwhelmed. Will Kisuke and/or Aizen have a hand in weakening Yhwach opening up the opportunity for Ichigo to land a decisive blow against him? And as for the next Soul King, I still wonder who exactly will fill that role (Aizen!).

The landscaping Yhwach did with the Soul King realm was pretty sweet, especially how he arranged the five Royal Guard temples to be joined together into the form of a five-pointed star/snowflake with the Royal Palace right in the middle. Even though the style of stark, you got to admire the symmetry Yhwach has going on with this New World he intends to create.

Bleach chapter 628 - the redesigned Soul King realm

Got to admire the vision Yhwach had when it came to styling his new kingdom

Still with only seven Quincy within the Soul King’s realm – Yhwach, Jugram, Pernida, Askin, Gerard, Lille and Uryuu, one has to wonder how exactly Yhwach plans to populate his New World with more Quincy. With Yhwach now possessing the power of the Soul King, is it possible for him to create life or at least imbue things with life?

Ichigo, Ganju, Inoue and Sado imagining how Yoruichi’s younger brother would look was amazing. The images the four of them arrived at after taking into account Yoruichi’s personality and family was hilarious, especially with them knowing that Yoruichi has a cat form. I am glad to see that there is still some humor to be had with this final arc.

Bleach chapter 628 - The mystery of Yoruichi's brother

Poor Yoruichi, those guys have become so affected by her badassness

I am still curious as to how the Quincy are going to divide themselves into groups for handling Ichigo and Co. and the Gotei 13. Would be amazing if there were enemies for everyone in Ichigo’s group including Grimmjow and Nel. A shame the majority of the Sternritter have already been taken out by now. Still I am hopeful that Yhwach can create more enemies for the main characters with his newly acquired Soul King essence. Looking forward to the next chapter.

(Yhwach’s actual spelling is causing me so many problems. I had initially thought it was spelt Yhwach, then thought it was Juhabach, now I am back to using Yhwach…ah I’ll just stick with Yhwach from now on…).

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