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Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 106-121 – Aiming For The Top

And with the end of one challenge, a new one greets the students of Tootsuki Academy on their way towards the top and this time it involves not only the students within their year, but the whole of Academy including … Continue reading

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Bleach Chapter 630 – Jugram and Bazz-B

I have been wondering about Jugram for a while now and why he felt akin to Yhwach’s shadow. I guess that feeling held more truth to it than I had initially expected; once Yhwach “sleeps” (when night falls), Yhwach and … Continue reading

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Fairy Tail Chapter 438-439 – The Alvarez Empire

To think Mest’s secret mission inside the Magic Council held such importance to the story of Fairy Tail that it has become the foundation for a brand new arc/saga Fairy Tail is about to enter into, I can only colour … Continue reading

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