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Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 106-121 – Aiming For The Top

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 121 - Voting Poll Results

Character voting poll results: 1) Souma, 2) Erina, 3) Takumi, 4) Megumi, 5) Hisako, 6) Alice, 7) Shinomiya, 8) Akira, 9) Ikumi, and 10) Isshiki

And with the end of one challenge, a new one greets the students of Tootsuki Academy on their way towards the top and this time it involves not only the students within their year, but the whole of Academy including the Elite Ten. In order to grow as a chef and push the boundaries of his limits, Souma challenges the eight seat of the Elite Ten, Kuga, to a battle which will decide whether Souma is worthy of challenging Kuga to a Shokugeki. To get Kuga to agree, Souma will have to outsell Kuga during the Tootsuki Academy Festival in terms of money made from the sale of food. Souma clearly at a disadvantage seeks to utilise the popularity of Kuga’s booth to attract customers to his.

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Bleach Chapter 630 – Jugram and Bazz-B

Bleach chapter 630 - Bazz-B's past

The past which connects the two…

I have been wondering about Jugram for a while now and why he felt akin to Yhwach’s shadow. I guess that feeling held more truth to it than I had initially expected; once Yhwach “sleeps” (when night falls), Yhwach and Jugram’s power switches. The dynamics between Jugram and Yhwach’s power and relation does explain why Jugram is so committed to Yhwach and why Jugram also has such a large role in realising Yhwach’s goals. Bazz-B understands this and apparently he too shares a past with Jugram, someone he considers or at least considered a friend. With Bazz-B and Jugram’s flashback beginning at the end of the chapter, one has to wonder about the fate of the two after their battle and whether one of them will have to end the other.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 438-439 – The Alvarez Empire

Fairy Tail chapter 439 - The Albareth Empire

It appears that it is going to take more than Fairy Tail this time to take down this antagonist group

To think Mest’s secret mission inside the Magic Council held such importance to the story of Fairy Tail that it has become the foundation for a brand new arc/saga Fairy Tail is about to enter into, I can only colour myself shocked and impressed. Within a chapter Mashima-sensei managed to resolve both Mest’s purpose and the reason why Makarov was so adamant in dissolving Fairy Tail once the previous Magic Council was destroyed. All for the sake of protecting his family and preventing the danger the “Alvarez Empire” represents from targeting Fairy Tail. With Makarov in danger and Fairy Tail revived, this new arc has me tremendously excited, especially with it incorporating an area of the Fairy Tail world that is outside not only the Fiore Kingdom but the Ishgar region which we have been centered in for the past 438 chapters. BRING. IT. ON.

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