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Bleach Chapter 586 – Confrontation

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Bleach chapter 586 - Shinigami VS Sternritter

I wonder who the first to fall will be O.o

The Sternritter sure have gotten full of themselves this past arc, although there may have been full of themselves way before that. It is a shame that the majority of them won’t know the terror of Zaraki as they are likely going to be crushed by other Shinigami far less terrifying. Zaraki seriously needs to pick himself up and display to everybody why he is regarded as such a monster when it comes to battle, a monster second to none (except maybe Ichigo). The Shinigami VS Sternritter battle should be interesting, I am curious to see who will come out on top, if any. Uryuu advising Ichigo to leave has me wondering if he has a plan of his own to stop Yhwach =/.

Bazz-B commenting on the “special war forces” brings back in focus the title and the characters who are regarded as such. Beyond Ichigo and Zaraki, who else does the Sternritter perceive as a “special war force”, I suppose Kisuke could be one and possibly Yoruichi and Isshin given their immense abilities. The other obvious candidates are the Royal Guards/Zero Division. It will be interesting to see if Kubo-sensei can surprise us with a candidate of the “special war forces”.

Nice to see Bazz-B pull out a bow and utilise a fighting style Quincy are known for but he was quite premature is writing off the Shinigami he is up against. Anyway the only Sternritter I really am interested about in that group is Candice, her attitude is quite amusing and she does have a badass fighting ability. If nothing else, hopefully she isn’t brutally slain =/.

Bleach chapter 586 - Uryuu warning Ichigo

Does Uryuu have something planned himself? Does he plan to sacrifice himself to stop Yhwach?

Uryuu demanding Ichigo to stand down and retreat was a curious development, especially with him firstly engaging Ichigo before Jugram could. It almost seems as if Uryuu was protecting Ichigo or preventing him from throwing away life before an opportunity arises. Ichigo may perceive Uryuu’s actions as traitorous and non-nonsensical, but given the situation Uryuu is in, it possibly was the only play he had to keep the hope of stopping Yhwach alive. I suppose there is something Uryuu knows which Ichigo doesn’t and that could be the something which prevents Ichigo from stopping Yhwach. Until Ichigo is able to realise what that “something” is, he may not be able to defeat Yhwach.

Bleach chapter 586 - Sado and Inoue - colour by hyugasosby (http://hyugasosby.deviantart.com)

Been a long time since all the main characters appeared in a chapter – colour by hyugasosby

Whatever the case, it has been a dam long time since ALL of the main characters have appeared in a chapter together – Ichigo, Rukia, Uryuu, Inoue, Sado and Renji. Hopefully it stays that way and we get a lot more focus on the main characters of Bleach. Sado and Inoue sporting Arrancar clothes is awesome, I wonder if they were able to get an aid from the Arrancar and I wonder if Harribel has been freed yet =/. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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