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Fairy Tail Chapter 388 – Minerva’s Tears

Frozen by detachment and confused by superiority, the heart of a girl once so full of warmth is smothered by the narrow-mindedness of strength and the fear of weakness. Engraved within her being by the terror of her father and … Continue reading

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Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 74 – World Of Flavours

So beyond appeasing the sense of taste, this culinary battle is also heavily incorporating the other senses that reflect back on the overall satisfaction of the dish. Hisako is utilising her expertise in medicinal cooking to create a texture for … Continue reading

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One Piece Chapter 750 – Shattering The Facade Of Peace

Viola put it beautifully, right now only the Strawhat Pirates and their allies are capable of shattering the illusions Doflamingo has cast in front of Dressrosa and the world. The World Government are too busy concerning themselves with their own … Continue reading

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Naruto Chapter 681 – Black Zetsu

The plan to revive Kaguya was much more elaborate than I had even imagined, for the origins of the plan to stretch back to the origins of the Shinobi, how shocking. Black Zetsu has just revealed himself to be a … Continue reading

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Bleach Chapter 585 – BREACH

Yhwach is smarter than I gave him credit for, to use the opening Ichigo created to invade the Soul King’s Palace, it is quite the shrewd plan. In the first place, for Yhwach to even know about the weakness in … Continue reading

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