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Naruto Chapter 682 – Breaking Through

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Naruto chapter 682 - Naruto and Sasuke

The two of the together really do make a wonderful team

Well that was shocking, I knew the Sexy Harem Jutsu was powerful and useful but the application in which it was used for and the variation which Naruto developed, I am left utterly speechless and stunned at his unpredictability. But that was fantastic, Kaguya’s reaction to the jutsu was priceless, for a being bordering the level of God to have such a human reaction and expression, it was immensely amusing. Naruto certainly is a Shinobi like no other and he is proof that Black Zetsu didn’t have as much control over the history of Shinobi as he believed.

I don’t know if it is just me but it seems to me that Black Zetsu is in more control of the situation than Kaguya herself. Kaguya has barely spoken a word since he showed up and more than her own will it seems to me that Black Zetsu is determining the course of action she should follow – separating Naruto and Sasuke. At the moment Black Zetsu appears to be the one making the decisions. It was stated that Black Zetsu is Kaguya’s will but I still believe that Black Zetsu is influenced by the Shinju and his actions and decisions are mainly for the benefit of the Shinju. Kaguya may just be a tool the Shinju is using to gather the chakra of the world.

Naruto chapter 682 - Sexy Reverse Harem Jutsu

Kaguya’s reaction is brilliant

It is hard to read much into Kaguya as we barely know much about her and her past not to mention her intentions. She is a total enigma, but what we can infer is that at the moment she has desires consistent with that of the Shinju. Because of that I find it hard to not wonder if the Shinju is the one influencing her and Black Zetsu. It is going to be immensely interesting to see who Kaguya really is when Kishimoto-sensei decides to focus on her and her past. At the moment though with Sasuke separated from Naruto, I do wonder if Kaguya and Naruto are going to face off against each other.

If I am right and Kaguya is influenced by the Shinju, it will be fascinating to see if Naruto can break through Kaguya’s point of view and make her remember who she exactly is – just like how Obito recalled who he really is earlier in the arc. Right now, Kaguya is too powerful for Naruto and Sasuke to beat and more than that I believe the final antagonist of Naruto, or at least this arc, is going to be the Shinju. Kaguya may very well end up freeing herself from the influence of the Shinju when it manages to gather the majority of the chakra back into itself. What is essential before that can happen though is whether Naruto can awaken the real Kaguya within herself, one free from the Shinju’s influence. I may be totally wrong about Kaguya, but I honestly believe that the Shinju has heavily influenced Kaguya’s perspective of the world and its people.

Naruto chapter 682 - Kaguya

Is Black Zetsu the one making the decisions?

Great to see Obito still alive, he has been abused and used so much after his near death experience when he gave Kakashi his sharingan. I can’t help feeling sorry for him that he was lend down the path of bringing the world so close to ruin.

Very much looking forward to the next chapter and seeing what Naruto can do against Kaguya alone. Will Naruto be able to convince Kaguya that what she is doing isn’t exactly what she wants, that she is being deceived and used by the Shinju/Black Zetsu?

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