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Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 75 – Aiming For The Top

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Shokugeki no Soma chapter 75 - Akira's conviction to take the top of Tootsuki Academy

With Hisako only settling for #2 behind Erina, it was obvious why she didn’t have what it takes to take down someone with the desire to take #1

Hayama Akira dominated more than I had expected, he utterly killed that challenged and showcased just how much of a player he is for the top spot of Tootsuki Academy. Hisako’s dish was great, but compared to the depth of flavour, smell and overall expression of Akira’s dish, it wasn’t good enough. Akira displayed right then and there how serious he is in his claims of taking the top. All Hisako could do was crumble under the pressure Akira’s conviction imposed on her. Between a battle of flavours and a battle of wills, Akira came out on top.

What a delicious surprise to see Akira utilise a pita as his “bun” for his hamburger – I love pitas! The role it served in containing the meat juices was smart, but more than that I love how Akira utilised his expertise in spices to handle the amount of meat he had inside the pita as well as highlight the aroma and harmony of flavors in his dish. He transformed a seemingly heavy meal into an overly delicious dish which shocked the judges by how satisfying and complete they found it. The technique, level of skill and conviction Akira displayed through his hamburger dish conveyed just how much of a candidate he is for Tootsuki’s top.

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 75 - Akira's hamburger 1

So much thought was put into harmonising the flavour and aroma of the dish

It is great to see Akira being able to apply his talents in areas of cooking beyond curry and spices, he certainly has found a way to transform the expertise and skills he has to match the challenge. I hadn’t really thought of it before this chapter, but when Akira was put side by side Erina in one of the panels this chapter, it brought to my attention that Akira’s sensitive nose IS comparable to Erina’s “God’s tongue”. It is hard to say to what extent their heightened senses affect their cooking but clearly they sensitive nose/tongue benefits them immensely in creating a world of flavor beyond others. Couple that with the talents and potential they each possess and it is no wonder why they are regarded so highly. It is going to be exciting to see Souma rise up their level in the publics eyes and showcase to everyone just how dangerous he really is.

Subaru, well dam, I was beginning to think that he wasn’t all that bad of a guy, guess I was wrong, he certainly has a dark side which we were led to believe when he was first shown. Takumi and Souma had resolved to settle their rivalry during the Autumn Election, but I do wonder if Takumi will make it that far to be able to challenge Souma. The manner in which Subaru flipped Takumi’s switch does indicate that Takumi has more to cook for than just challenging Souma, but will that enough to take down the enigmatic Subaru who seems to confident in himself. I wonder why Subaru angered Takumi, does Subaru himself enjoy the challenge and the “killing-intent” that can go with cooking? Whatever the case, Eizan seems to be confident in his ability and “behavioural principles”.

The next match-up should be interesting, I am curious to see what style of cooking Subaru utilises and whether he is “decorative” in his cooking (that apron last chapter…). Looking forward to it!

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