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One Piece Chapter 751 – Sabo’s Regret

One Piece chapter 751 - Sabo's regret

Poor Sabo…

It has finally come to light, Sabo’s regret at his inability to save Ace. Just like Luffy who broke down after Ace died in his arms, the agony and pain Sabo must have felt that he wasn’t even able to reach Marineford to help Ace at all, such torment must have been eating him up inside these past two years. Knowing that he could have done something, it is no wonder Sabo has expressly resolved to come to Luffy’s aid no matter where he is in the world whenever Luffy request his help. The feelings of regret Sabo and helplessness, he never again wants to feel that way.

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Naruto Chapter 682 – Breaking Through

Naruto chapter 682 - Naruto and Sasuke

The two of the together really do make a wonderful team

Well that was shocking, I knew the Sexy Harem Jutsu was powerful and useful but the application in which it was used for and the variation which Naruto developed, I am left utterly speechless and stunned at his unpredictability. But that was fantastic, Kaguya’s reaction to the jutsu was priceless, for a being bordering the level of God to have such a human reaction and expression, it was immensely amusing. Naruto certainly is a Shinobi like no other and he is proof that Black Zetsu didn’t have as much control over the history of Shinobi as he believed.

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Bleach Chapter 586 – Confrontation

Bleach chapter 586 - Shinigami VS Sternritter

I wonder who the first to fall will be O.o

The Sternritter sure have gotten full of themselves this past arc, although there may have been full of themselves way before that. It is a shame that the majority of them won’t know the terror of Zaraki as they are likely going to be crushed by other Shinigami far less terrifying. Zaraki seriously needs to pick himself up and display to everybody why he is regarded as such a monster when it comes to battle, a monster second to none (except maybe Ichigo). The Shinigami VS Sternritter battle should be interesting, I am curious to see who will come out on top, if any. Uryuu advising Ichigo to leave has me wondering if he has a plan of his own to stop Yhwach =/.

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