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Naruto Chapter 680 – Naruto VS Kaguya

Naruto chapter 680 - The Good and The Bad - colour by IITheYahikoDarkII (http://iitheyahikodarkii.deviantart.com)

The Good and The Bad – colour by IITheYahikoDarkII

Oh so Kaguya didn’t place them under a genjutsu but instead transported them to a different dimension, how fascinating, I wonder what the current dimension they are in is and what other dimensions she is able to travel to. Given that Kaguya is so overwhelmingly powerful, it is going to be interesting to see how Naruto and Sasuke manage to overcome her. Will the suggested conflict within Kaguya end up being her saving grace? Or will Naruto have to end her permanently? Whatever the case, so much is unknown about Kaguya, her intentions and her past that is difficult to understand her character and motives completely.

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Bleach Chapter 584 – The Hunted

Bleach chapter 584 - Ichigo - colour by sAmA15 (http://sama15.deviantart.com)

Will Ichigo finally head to face Yhwach with the appearance of the ominous light? – colour by sAmA14

Ichigo sure has become popular, for eight Sternritter to have ganged up on him, what a lucky guy he is. It may just be time for him to unleash and put those Sternritter in their place for good – I wonder if Ichigo will be forced to go Bankai or whether he will take all those Sternritter on with his Shikai. I suppose another possibility could be the fight being interrupted by the arrival of other characters – Renji, Rukia and Byakuya? Either way with Yhwach up to something, Ichigo will have to get a move on.

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