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Fairy Tail Chapter 387 – The Continental Magic Pulse Bomb

Fairy Tail chapter 387 - The Continental Magic Pulse Bomb Face

That is some weapon the Magic Council has developed, what were they thinking if at all?

Well dam, that sure exploded in Fairy Tail’s face. Mard Geer is still kicking, Franmalth is still alive thanks to some unknown mushroom transformation, the Kyuukimon are still powerful and Face is anything but destroyed due to their being more than one Face – the Magic Council were such trolls. Looks like the answer to the threat FACING humanity lies in the form of Lumen Histoire, the “secret” locked away underneath Fairy Tail. At least now we know why Mard Geer was so confident the Face plan would be able to progress despite the initial Face going down. I wonder where Mard Geer is getting all this information from O.o.

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Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 73 – Akira VS Hisako

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 73 - Hisako's composure

Her eyes when she is cooking display a completely different person than who she normally is

Well looks like I was wrong with my predictions of what the final two match-ups would be for the first round in the Autumn Election, I guess the battle of Souma’s rivals will have to wait for later (Takumi vs Akira). Mimasaka Subaru is an interesting character albeit incredibly weird, but amusing nonetheless. What a hardcore stalker that obsesses over details so disturbingly, I get now why despite his appearance, he was able to pass the Autumn Election preliminaries. Still the most shocking development in the chapter was Hisako seriousness, I had not expected her to be so convicted in her desire to reach the top, but what she displayed this chapter has me re-evaluating her character completely. Akira may just be overpowered in this match =/.

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