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Edens Zero Chapter 186 - Edens Zero encounters the Four Dark Stars

Edens Zero Chapter 186 – The Four Dark Stars

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Edens Zero Chapter 186 - Edens Zero encounters the Four Dark Stars

After a directed introduction and a sacrificial encounter with one of the Oración Seis Interstellar members, the Four Dark Stars are now set-up to face off against the main force of the Edens Zero. The way the Four Dark Stars were introduced, they were doubtlessly arranged to be foils for the Four Shining Stars in regards to their representation as programs over beings. The presence of a metaphysical heart created a divide between the versions and established a conflict requiring an answer. Were the Four Dark Stars superior because of their designs and advanced hardware? Or was the freedom present in the Four Shining Stars programming an element that defined a new path of evolution? Such a variation has become a story that is still ongoing. Even though the original Four Shining Stars are not present in the fight, I wholeheartedly hope that events would navigate themselves into seeing the Four Shining Stars match up against the Four Dark Stars.

Homura may not be an original Shining Star but she has inherited the will and position of Valkyrie which makes her presence challenging the Four Dark Stars relevant and the most exciting match-up. Homura embodies what Valkyrie lived for and even learned swordsmanship from her. The parent/child and master/student relationship Valkyrie and Homura shared allows for Homura to represent the role of Sword of Edens without issue. She may not be an android but the feelings Valkyrie possessed lives through Homura. Such an expression makes the battle against the Armor of Edens One, who exist as the counter-part to Valkyrie, meaningful and eventful. Through Homura, Valkyrie’s existence and beliefs can be conveyed. Will the Sword of Edens strike down those that challenge it or will the Armor shatter any opposing it?

Edens Zero Chapter 186 - Homura VS Brigandine

There is just a massive disconnect between Shiki, Rebecca and Weisz facing off against the Dark Stars. No emotional stakes have been laid down before this encounter for these characters. They may have reason to fight due to challenging Ziggy but beyond the Dark Stars relation to Ziggy, nothing else of meaning has been established to colour this clash. Nothing. The Four Dark Stars are Ziggy’s main force and presumably endgame antagonist that the heroes face off against. Yet the heroes that have the most reason to be matched up against the Dark Stars are not present at all. The whole theme of heart vs programming which Mashima-sensei attempts to convey as a through-line for this battle is devoid of any substance. There is no catharsis after the build up received since the introduction of the Four Dark Stars. The ones who need to be challenging the Four Dark Stars are the Four Shining Stars.

By avoiding the set-up that has already been laid down, I can’t help but feel the Four Shining Stars (androids) are being undervalued. Even Wizard using the image of Witch to unsettle Shiki rings hollow when there is no emotional reason for Shiki to battle Wizard. I get that Mashima-sensei is trying to establish a reason by having Wizard use Witch’s form to anger Shiki but I can’t genuinely bring myself to care. Since the Four Dark Stars introduction in chapter 102, their existence has been defined as a reflection of the Four Shining Stars, from the representation of four to the alignment of roles (Shield/Sorceress, Mind, Life, Sword VS Wizard, Brain, Clown, Armor) to the contrast of elements (light vs dark). Everything about the Four Dark Stars screams opponents for the Four Shining Stars. So trying to detach all that momentum which has been built up over 80 chapters in favour of some recently generated contention just doesn’t hold importance. I am much more invested in seeing Homura, Sister, (Witch) and Hermit battle the Four Dark Stars than what we have now. The main take away I could get from Shiki’s fight with Wizard is becoming more emotionally stable so that when he does face Ziggy, any attempts by Ziggy to manipulate Shiki emotionally like Ziggy did with Elsie, would be ineffectual. This though could be achieved without Shiki being the one to defeat Wizard.

Edens Zero Chapter 186 - Edens Zero VS Four Dark Stars

My hope is that as the battles progress, Shiki, Rebecca and Weisz are replaced by Sister, Hermit and Pino (in the absence of Witch). I desperately do not wish to see the Four Dark Stars defeated by opponents that have little emotional and thematic grounding for doing so. The Four Dark Stars being updated has become a thing after Brigandine and Killer were destroyed and remade into new forms but I still would not want to see any of the Dark Stars defeated by Shiki, Rebecca or Weisz. It would ultimately cheapen the current conflict between the Four Shining Stars and the Four Dark Stars. I can excuse the focus Brigandine and Killer had when they were defeated by Jaguar because at that time, the focus was on Ziggy who was using whatever tool he had at his disposal to achieve victory. Unlike the current focus, the focus during the Aoi Cosmos Arc during that moment was squarely on Ziggy. If Sister and Hermit aren’t set to enter this stage, it would be preferred for Pino to be the one to cancel the Subdimension Program and immobilize the Four Dark Stars. A draw and a focus on Pino (who is the next generation of android) would be a satisfying way to set-up the next encounter the Edens Zero will have with Ziggy and the Dark Stars.

The curious aspect about Witch is the lack of inheritance of her will. In contrast to Valkyrie’s situation where Homura exist, no other is present to carry on Witch’s role now that she is gone. Shiki is motivated to continue forward thanks to his memories of Witch but he does not serve as a representation of Witch. Neither does Rebecca who also received training from Witch. As the Shield of Edens, once Witch sacrificed herself, the position has remained vacant for three years. One of the core characteristics of the Edens Zero has remained etched into the image of Witch. I believe if Mashima-sensei were serious about keeping Witch a legacy character, he would have introduced a character to take over for Witch. The omission of such an act leads me to believe that Witch’s return is only a matter of time. In a world where time, space and reality are brushes the story are painted with, having an AI return in some form is completely feasible. The Shining Stars which has remained three for three years was intentional by Mashima-sensei. Him not wanting to replace Witch as the fourth member is very telling for his intentions of her going forward. I wholeheartedly believe Witch will return in some form.

>>Theory – How Witch Can Return Using The Chronophage

Edens Zero Chapter 186 - Holy wears the Edens Zero battle suit

I had been looking forward to seeing the Knight Gear Holy would pilot but I honestly did not expect it to be a suit embodying Witch, who was also known as the Steel Sorceress. Hermit likely developed the Knight Gear with Witch in mind but I wonder who the suit was meant for during development, if any. Homura had her Warrior Maid 95 Knight Gear customized for her which incorporated elements of Valkyrie’s design so I find it possible that the other Knight Gears to have been customized for members of the crew as well. Was the Steel Sorceress 94 designed for Shiki or Rebecca’s use? Or did Hermit wish to have a representation of Witch and chose the Knight Gear to embody it? It is just incredibly interesting that the first representation of Witch aboard the Edens Zero after three years is a Knight Gear piloted by Holy. Mashima-sensei could have chosen any Knight Gear for Holy to pilot yet he went with one that represents Witch, why? He intentionally chose such a design and is letting the least related member aboard the Edens Zero pilot it. For what purpose is Mashima-sensei connecting Holy and Witch?

Edens Zero Chapter 186 - Holy pilots the Steel Sorceress 94 Knight Gear

As for Holy’s Melting Ether Gear, how would that operate through a Knight Gear? In addition to human bodies, can she also melt mechanical constructs? I suspect so. Holy will be key in creating an opening to enter Deadend Crow, who has been shown to be resistant to the Edens Zero and Starfighter’s weaponry. Once an opening is created, the Starfighter’s and Holy can attack Deadend Crow from the inside with Holy potentially being the one to land the climatic blow. Additionally, with Witch’s form having such a focus within this chapter, I wonder if Mashima-sensei is planning something deeper with her. Could Witch’s AI reactivate in the Steel Sorceress 94? Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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  1. I agree. Except for Homura vs. Brigandine, all the other encounters feel flat. Have you ever heard of the theory about the Four Shinning Stars dying (fingers crossed it never happens) and being replaced by humans? I wonder if Mashima-sensei’s trying to tell us about who gets who…

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