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Edens Zero Chapter 188 - Shiki defeats Wizard


Edens Zero Chapter 188 – Shiki VS Wizard: Breakthrough

Edens Zero Chapter 188 - Shiki defeats Wizard

Shiki has finally arrived at the curiosity that is Ziggy’s actions and the enigma surrounding them. Before returning to Granbell and leaving the Edens Zero, Ziggy wasn’t driven by dark intentions but he still proceeded to wipe the memories of the Four Shining Stars that related to events outside the Sakura Cosmos. Initially I believed that Ziggy intended to hide any information referencing Mother that the Four Shining Stars knew but the theory Shiki presented in regards to Ziggy expecting to fall to the dark side put the past in a whole new context. Ziggy anticipated falling to the Dark Side and in hopes of establishing a safeguard against himself, he chose to abandon his mission to find Mother and focus on developing Shiki as a counter to his power. All in order to prevent what Ziggy feared deeply – the end of coexistence.

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