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One Piece Chapter 1046 - Luffy and Kaido ready their climatic attacks

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One Piece Chapter 1046 – Luffy VS Kaido: Rhythm Of Liberation

One Piece Chapter 1046 - Luffy and Kaido ready their climatic attacks

Amidst the sheer outlandishness on display, Kaido can’t help but wonder who Luffy is and how the shift in his power and presence evolved since their first encounter. Kaido’s perspective of Luffy continuously kept transitioning throughout their encounters. From a rookie unable to truly comprehend the realms of an Emperor toward one who was capable of challenging the Yonko and pushing them to the brink. Kaido now recognises Luffy’s spirit and acknowledges the will he possesses as genuine. In conjunction with Kaido’s changing view, Zunesha too is having a reevaluation of their thoughts. Zunesha did not believe Luffy was Joy Boy when they first met during the Zou Arc but now after Luffy awakened Gear Fifth and the Nika Fruit, Zunesha understands that Luffy is the one who has inherited Joy Boy’s will. After over 800 years of separation, Zunesha has experienced the rhythm of his dear friend who could not accomplish the mission he began all those centuries ago. Zunesha’s heart danced to the sound emanating from Luffy inspiring them to put all of their hopes into Luffy. All those subject to Luffy’s awakening may view it from different avenues from they all arrive at the point where they are left in awe on what is on display.

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