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Edens Zero Chapter 164 - Witch cover page

[Theory] Edens Zero – How Witch Can Return Using The Chronophage

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Edens Zero Chapter 164 - Witch cover page

One of the most fascinating and creative aspects of Edens Zero are the existence of Chronophages which presents a unique spin on the time-travel mechanic popular in science fiction stories. Rather than tethering space and time into one encapsulating concept where time overarches all space, the Chronophage distort that reality and detaches time from the overall space, restricting it to just the space in their proximity. What this allows for are time-travel instances that don’t drag the whole world setting along with its momentum. It introduces a more manageable mechanic existing outside time paradoxes that is just as fascinating as general time travel if not more. You can have two version of a character present in the same time or a planet saved from the corruption of insatiable greed by turning its present state into a past form. Additionally, another event that is theoretically possible using the nature of the Chronophage is having a fallen character return back into the story i.e. Witch.

If Mashima-sensei is planning on reintroducing Witch back into the story at any point, the Chronophage exist as a path he could traverse to see it actualized. The Chronophage consume time returning anything affected by their power to a former state relative to the time consumed. When the Chronophage consume a planets time, they also consume the time of every individual present. Taking this into account, what if a Chronophage ate 3 years of the Edens Zero time? What if the Chronophage brought the Edens Zero back to a point before Witch used her Ether and Life to defend against the explosion from the Nero 66 being destroyed? Would it not return the Edens Zero to a point where Witch were still alive in the same way people on planets affected by the Chronophage are returned to their former state in the past? Depending on the time consumed, there could be an issue of other versions of Shiki and Co. being manifested into the current reality but all this could be avoided if the Chronophage returned the Edens Zero back to a time where only Witch was present on the ship i.e. before Shiki boarded the Edens Zero. After Elsie stopped attending the Edens Zero, Witch was left alone aboard. At some point the Kawpicatt 54 parasite did infest the ship but even if the Edens Zero was returned to a point in time where the parasites were present, that shouldn’t be an issue.

Edens Zero Chapter 180 - Summoning a Chronophage that is heading toward the sector

If Mashima-sensei desires it, he could organically script the events in the Lendard Arc, which is still ongoing as at the time of writing this, to conclude with the Edens Zero being too damaged in the fight against Deadend Crow to be operational. The Edens Zero crew could escape aboard Holy or Elsie’s ships once the Chronophage is summoned. As the time of Lendard is consumed and the machinery eating the planet removed with the reversal of time, the Edens Zero too could have its state reverted back to a point where Witch was present aboard the vessel (somewhere around 3-13 years ago).

Alternatively, a Chronophage could eat the time of the space Nero 66 existed in thereby returning the planet to its former state where Shura, Ijuna and everyone else present on the planet returned. If the surrounding space outside the planet is also affected, Witch could also be returned. And in order to avoid the rest of the Edens Zero crew from having their past selves manifest into the current reality, the story could have the Chronophages effect extend to just where Witch was present while she was standing on the ships bow.

Returning a destroyed planet would be complicated but in theory it is entirely possible. The current story is even set-up to return another damaged planet back to how it was before. Shiki’s wish for Mother is to return Granbell back to the state it existed in before Ziggy destroyed it. If we think about how Mother would achieve such a result, the Chronophage come to mind. If the Chronophage are utilized, Granbell can be restored and returned to a former state. If we believe this is the destiny that awaits Granbell, which significantly likely, than a similar act could be achieved with Nero 66. Sure unlike Granbell, Nero 66 exploded but the space where it once existed still contains the time of its history and if such time were consumed by a Chronophage, that space could return to a time where the planet Nero 66 still existed.

Edens Zero Chapter 104 - Shiki's wish for Mother

Returning Nero 66 would also mean returning Shura, who is an individual who brought immeasurable pain and suffering onto others. But there was a point in Shura’s life where he came to embrace his heart and shed tears. A state he awakened moments before his death in response to the love Ijuna shared with him. If Nero 66 can be returned to a state just before the antimatter bombs went off, the story would have a Shura that recognised he was a monster and someone capable of growth and walking the path of redemption. Thanks to Ijuna’s expression of love, Shura came to understand what love could feel like. Even if the Shura that returns is someone who moments before attempted to kill Shiki, there would be an interesting story to tell where the antagonist who is familiar with wealth, power and status is cast into a reality where they have none. Rather, the return of their presence could result in imprisonment by the Aoi Cosmos defense force. Shura in such a reality would not have his father to rely on and consequently will be in a position where maturing becomes a necessity. Shura will still possess his Ether Gear but if he has become remorseful over what he has done in the past now that he has embraced his heart, he would have no reason to further his crimes. Rather, he would be open to taking responsibility for his actions and making amends. If Ijuna does stay by Shura’s side and helps him embrace a more positive outlook, Shura could be reborn into a character that helps the heroes in the future. They could potentially also be the ones who help Witch reunite with Shiki and Co. There is also the issue of the Antimatter Bombs that were activated by Ziggy. When Nero 66 is returned to a state just before it explodes, the Antimatter bombs will be brought back as well with the planet. This though could be nullified by having the Chronophage deactivating the bombs or rendering them ineffectual.

Edens Zero Episode 6 - Chronophage consuming planets time

Personally I found Ijuna incredibly underutilized and Shura a character that had a lot of potential to develop into someone more significant than just an arc antagonist. If these two characters were returned to the story and had a focus on redemption, I would genuinely be open to it. And if Witch is brought back into the story as well, I wouldn’t mind seeing them help as well, especially if the Chronophages time consumption ability affects Witch’s memories like it did with Pino when the Chronophage ate 50 years of Norma’s time. And on the topic of Pino, she is currently the only existence in the Edens Zero Cosmos that is immune to the Chronophages time consumption ability (aside from the memory loss). Everyone on planet Norma had their time consumed except Pino who retained the same form she had when she arrived on Norma in X492. The fact that Professor Weisz (older Weisz) recognised Pino suggest that she didn’t change in appearance from when Norma was still in its X492 state. Pino’s form immunity to the Chronophage will likely come into play at a later point in the story. The one way Pino was affected by the Chronophage is losing her memories. If we presume this is a natural effect of all machines affected by the Chronophage, than a Witch who doesn’t remember Shiki could be returned back into the story. This set-up could provide a basis on which Shura’s path of redemption begins. Shura knows who Witch is and he knows how much Shiki values her. If Shura is genuine about changing himself going forward, he could assist Witch return to Shiki. If Mashima-sensei was being shrewd about things, he could have this story ongoing currently in the background. While the Edens Zero battles in the Kaede Cosmos, Shura and Ijuna help Witch locate Shiki and reunite with him. It would be incredibly meaningful in regards to Shura redefining himself by helping someone he has tortured and almost killed before.

Continuing further on the topic of memory loss and the Chronophage, I wonder if Ziggy’s memory loss was the result of being affected by a Chronophage in the past – did one pass through Granbell before? Based on Ziggy’s dialogue with Acnoella and Elsie, when he saved Shiki and Elsie and returned to Granbell, his memories were incomplete. Only after Universe 2 was entered did Ziggy restore his memories and remember what his core objective was. At this point, it seems apparent that the real Ziggy was the evil one who wished for machine supremacy.

Edens Zero Chapter Volume 19 cover

I find it telling that Mashima-sensei has not replaced Witch with a new Shield of Edens, especially when such a role is both significant and representational to the Edens Zero and the Four Shining Stars. Mashima-sensei incorporated a whole arc setting up Homura replacing Valkyrie as the Sword of Edens but there has been nothing of the sort conveyed or alluded to for having Witch replaced. I believe, if Mashima-sensei was serious about keeping Witch removed from the story, he would have scripted a character and a scenario highlighting Witch’s position being replaced. The omission of such a reality leads me to believe that Mashima-sensei still has further plans for Witch. Plans that involve reintroducing her back into the story at some point.

One thought on “[Theory] Edens Zero – How Witch Can Return Using The Chronophage

  1. The fact of Mashima-sensei not having replaced Witch (or someone simply carrying on her will) very suspicious as well. I do doubt he’d bring Shura/Ijuna back (because of the pace, which is going too fast and doesn’t let anytime for side stories – a shame) but I do believe he plans on bringing her back. Even if at the finale, LOL.

    But the Cronophage – the Cronophage is a big deal and considering how Shiki’s shaping up to be, could he be the one suggesting this idea?

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