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Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 104 - Erza VS Misaki

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 104 – Erza VS Misaki: Unshatterable

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Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 104 - Erza VS Misaki

A dimension that distorts the flow of time within the body opposed to the time externally affecting it. That is the ability Misaki wields to trap her opponent within the inevitability of defeat. Her seemingly absolute sovereign within her Blue Dimension allows her a precedence capable of extinguishing any challenge within a matter of seconds. Immobilizing physicality, Misaki capitalizes on the confusion to launch fatal blows on her enemies that don’t usually get back up after the initial encounter. But there is a first time for everything and it appears Misaki may have met a obstacle she cannot break. An unshatterable individual who doesn’t get washed away by the flow of her techniques.

Based on Misaki’s design, I initially expected the element she wields to be ice but after her display of Blue Dimension, it appears the element characterising her magic is water. The Blue Dimension name itself and how it was designed conveys an association with water. Even the Blue Stream attack Misaki launched appeared as if a force traveled through water. And when you think ‘stream’ imagery of water follows. Within Blue Dimension, Erza was floating unable to move due to having no strength in her legs. The element making up Blue Dimension is likely magic that takes the form of water. It encapsulates the targets within its body of magic and drains their physical energy. Misaki being the creator of such a space is consequently immune to that particular effect but I suspect she isn’t immune to the time distortion effect within the space. Once Erza gets a few good hits on Misaki, the proceeding damage should force her to engage Erza outside the Blue Dimension.

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 104 - Misaki's Blue Dimension

Characterising Misaki’s abilities as water-based could even explain how Misaki was able to tear Erza’s armor apart earlier by just directing her hand toward Erza. It would also clarify how Misaki was able to cut Erza’s hair with just a gesture. Misaki possibly uses the water in the air to create blades that shred whatever is targeted. The limited amount of water being used meant the attacks were seemingly invisible when performed but it also meant it was also limited in its cutting power. This is probably why Erza, who naturally has though skin (being half dragon and magically adept) didn’t suffer damage beyond her destroyed armor. I do wonder though how Misaki is able to transport her targets into her space so easily. Does she evaporate her target into a different space?

Unless what Misaki is doing is surrounding her opponent in waves of her magic. The manner in how Erza’s hair moved while hit with Misaki’s initial attacks does convey some sort of force being directed at Erza like a gust of wind or a wave of water. I don’t believe her magic is wind based given Blue Dimension and Blue Stream but I do wonder. If Misaki is surrounding her opponent in her magic, how are they not noticing? Actually on closer inspection of Blue Stream, that is what Misaki does. She gathers magic and directs it toward her opponent. Misaki’s attacks outside Blue Dimension seem to be the same in the sense Erza was hit by a wave of magic. The attack was likely too fast and unknown for Erza to immediately pick up on.

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 104 - Erza's intent to take on Misaki alone

Going forward, now that Erza has nullified Misaki’s absolute sovereignty within Blue Dimension by discovering its weakness, I don’t believe Misaki will continue using it due to the double-edged nature of the space. Considering Misaki is present in the Blue Dimension space as well, she too should be under the same effects of its rules. Any seconds of damage sustained will equate to hours of that value i.e. a multiplier of 3600. Though that is if Misaki endures the current damage being dealt by Erza to allow her another opportunity to battle when she leaves the space. The pride Misaki holds may result in her maintaining the space in pursuit of crushing Erza who should be a prisoner within her World.

The symbolic weight of Erza’s Heaven Wheel Armor being the gear that liberates her is quite fitting. It was ingenious on Erza’s part to direct magic through her armor in order to force herself to move. Erza likely noted that her Black Wing Armor remained equipped when she initially was sent to the ‘Blue Dimension’ World. If magic was voided in her along with her physicality, her armor would have been removed while in the space. While Erza’s armor does manifest in physical form, they are made up of magic which is why Erza is capable of remaking her armor each time they are destroyed during battles. She magically infuses them into their complete state after each battle when she has down time. This fact provided Erza with information to base her counter on. The second time Misaki used her ability, the element of surprise had disappeared meaning Erza could provide her own surprise attack on Misaki.

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 104 - Erza using her Heaven's Wheel Armor to counter Misaki

Erza is someone who endured considerable torture from Kyoka while having her pain receptors heightened from Kyoka’s Curse during the Tartaros Arc. So when Erza retorts back to Misaki regarding having known longer torture, she isn’t exactly being dishonest. Erza has even had her five senses stripped from her during the climatic battle against Kyoka which indirectly enabled her to tap into a further sense beyond her five senses. A sense connected to the deeper flow of magic. This evolution in Erza allowed her to fight and endure pain in a manner not capable by many other individuals.

Additionally, what also factors in for Erza being able to endure so much is being part Dragon. Even though Erza’s mother, Irene, was initially human, she transformed into a Dragon where for four hundred years, she kept Erza inside of her preventing Erza from being born with the use of magic. Only after Irene regained her human form, though still a Dragon biologically, did she give birth to Erza. A daughter who was born from a mother who was a Dragon, such a truth isn’t inconsequential for either of these characters. This reality assists in allowing Erza to be so durable and aligned with magic. In a sense, halting the natural progression of life also meant that both Irene and Erza endured a level of hardship that extended for several-hundred-years. So a torture amounting to one day, would seem insignificant in the face of what Erza’s body has experienced in the past. When Misaki questions Erza on whether she expects to defy her world, given Erza’s history it is only natural for the answer to be a certain response. Very much looking forward to the next chapter of Fairy Tail and Edens Zero to see how Erza and her Edens Zero counterpart, Elsie, progress in their respective battles.

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