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Edens Zero Chapter 183 - Elsie and Ziggy face off

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Edens Zero Chapter 183 – Elsie Crimson: Home

Edens Zero Chapter 183 - Elsie and Ziggy face off

Lendard was not only a former kingdom in the Kaede Cosmos but it was in fact the homeworld of Elsie Crimson, whose real name is Elsie Le Lendard. This planet was the one where Elsie’s life changed forever after attempting to end the obsession the kingdom had for arms development. In pursuit of such an end, she unknowingly initiated a war that would engulf the whole Cosmos and end the rule of the Le Lendard family. Her choices driven by innocent hopes of peace resulted in the destruction of the society existing within the Kaede Cosmos. Additionally, it was during her escape from Lendard where she lost/injured her right eye. Now having returned home, Elsie seeks to put a stop to Lendard’s weapon manufacturing once again. This time by defeating Ziggy.

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