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One Piece Chapter 1043 - Yamato's resolve to fight Kaido and save Wano

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One Piece Chapter 1043 – The Return Of Joy Boy

One Piece Chapter 1043 - Yamato's resolve to fight Kaido and save Wano

After this chapter Yamato’s relevance has begun to touch the realms of essential. The path forward is very much set-up to be alongside the Straw Hat Pirates. As the story begins to embrace the significance of Joy Boy more, Yamato becomes more necessary as the agent of Oden who intends to assist the one the world has been waiting for. Dissenters can can disapprove. They can disillusion themselves. They can attach their hope onto something that may or may not manifest. But what they can’t ignore is the direction of the plot and the writing of Oda. Joy Boy has returned and with it a will spanning 800 years has been inherited by Luffy who now takes on such a role. No one expected this out of Luffy, except Yamato, who realised Luffy’s importance to the person the world has been waiting for after Ace’s execution two years ago. The pieces of information Yamato possessed in the form of Oden’s journal, the newspaper articles and even what little information they had from Kaido and the Beast Pirates, he pieced it all together to arrive at the conclusion that the one person capable of fulfilling the promise left unfulfilled by the ancient figure is Monkey D. Luffy.

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