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Edens Zero Chapter 184 - Elsie attacks Ziggy

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Edens Zero Chapter 184 – Elsie VS Ziggy: Impact

It is not easy to vilify a parental figure within your life, especially one who removed you from circumstances embedded in destruction, terror and war. When Elsie looks at Ziggy, she is reminded of a time in her life impressed in joy, love and salvation. Ziggy did save Elsie and the subsequent care she received aboard the Edens Zero established an environment within which she could recover physically, mentally and spiritually. To Elsie, the image of Ziggy had become synonymous with shades of altruism. And to now reconcile those feelings against the current reality that Ziggy is in fact a madman seeking to end life, the step she is required to take may in fact be too heavy within this moment.

Elsie was the spark that ignited the conflict overflowing within factions of the Kaede Cosmos. She may not have been the cause for the conflict but she did become the basis on which the dissenting factions could maneuver their antagonism through. Under the pretense of “unraveling an unchecked power that grew too strong” war was waged. Guilt would have been one of the elements gnawing away within Elsie as she sunk within misery but it was due to the crew of the Edens Zero that her young self could navigate out from that darkness and onto a path filled with hope and motivation. Elsie is who she is because of the time she spent aboard the Edens Zero. Such emotions within her heart resonates every moment she interacts with Ziggy. The battle she wages is not only against Ziggy but also against the impressions of her heart that recalls happier times.

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